Free Parking On Fridays OK’d For Doubleday Lot 

Free Parking On Fridays

OK’d For Doubleday Lot 

Merchants Urged: Stay Open Until 8:30

COOPERSTOWN – The Village Board this morning approved free parking in the Doubleday Field lot on Fridays from July 18 to Sept. 5, as part of its “Cooperstown Outdoors” promotion of the downtown.

In collaboration with the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce, stores will be encouraged to stay open until 8:30, and “Music on Main” performances will be scheduled on Fridays to help draw people downtown.

The idea came out of a meeting last week between Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh Kuch, Deputy Mayor Cindy Falk, new Chamber President Jess Lanza and Chamber Executive Tara Burke.

The village may be giving up $500 in weekly revenue, Falk reported in response to a question.  She said the July 3 Friday generate that much, a record this year.

The record revenue generated so far by the lot was $1,000, on the Fourth of July itself. In recent years, paid parking has generated $400,000 a year for village coffers.

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