German Leaves Congress Race

German Leaves

Congress Race

‘Couldn’t Raise The Money,’ He Says

Tony German

ONEONTA – Tony German, the retired general of the state’s National Guard, announced today he has dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination to run against Democratic Congressman Antonio Delgado in the 19th District.

“I couldn’t raise the required money,” he confirmed a few minutes ago.  An Oneonta resident, he was the only candidate to emerge so far from Otsego County.

In a statement, he threw his support behind Ola Hawatmeh, , 42, a fashion designer and two-time breast cancer survivor who moved back to her hometown of Poughkeepsie from St. Louis in July to run against Delgado.  She’s a 1999 graduate of Marist College.

“She is an outsider with a powerful message and I will be fully supporting her while she continues her campaign. I encourage you to support her efforts as you have mine,” said German, who retired from the state’s top military post last February.

While Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinari, who unsuccessfully challenge Governor Cuomo in 2018, has stepped back from running for Congress this year, two other Dutchess County Republicans are also said to be considering a Congressional run.

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  1. Chip Northrup

    He had taken early retirement from the military to run for Congress and be eligible for another full federal pension in 5 years. Running against a congressman that’s doing a great job, thanks very much.

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