HAMILL: We the People Must Unite

Letter from Andrew Hamill

We the People Must Unite

“A House divided cannot stand”. This was not only quoted in the gospel of Mark, but also by Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson on two separate occasions.

Our beautiful and majestic country is becoming more divided than it ever has been. The only solution to help end this division is to have unity, to help defend our rights, and to get along.

In the Constitution under the Preamble, it states “We the People.” In that particular sense, “we” means unity. I personally feel that we simply do not have unity, we as a Country will capitulate. If the above mentioned quote will not unite the Country, then maybe this quote will: “Divided We Fall, United We Stand.”

Andrew (AJ) Hamill
City of Oneonta

2 thoughts on “HAMILL: We the People Must Unite

  1. Harry Seward

    Amen Andrew! And let’s start at the top! Our current president going on national tv and condemning half the population of our great country is just the opposite of what this county needs! I think President Obama summed it up best, “never underestimate Joe Bidens ability to f*** things up”.

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