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Andrew Hamill

Remembering the Queen
Letter from Andrew Hamill

Remembering the Queen

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, knew the definition of duty, service, and leadership from the time she was young and up until her passing. One way her leadership became known was during the world’s annus horribilius (horrible year)
and the United State’s second day of infamy: September the 11th, 2001, when Her Majesty instructed the Coldstream Guards to play our National Anthem to help display unity.

She led a long life of service, duty, and leadership as a Sovereign, Monarch, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, but most importantly as the matriarch of her family, the Windsors. Regardless if we support the Monarchy or not, let us remember Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Andrew (AJ) Hamill
City of Oneonta

HAMILL: We the People Must Unite
Letter from Andrew Hamill

We the People Must Unite

“A House divided cannot stand”. This was not only quoted in the gospel of Mark, but also by Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson on two separate occasions.

Our beautiful and majestic country is becoming more divided than it ever has been. The only solution to help end this division is to have unity, to help defend our rights, and to get along.

In the Constitution under the Preamble, it states “We the People.” In that particular sense, “we” means unity. I personally feel that we simply do not have unity, we as a Country will capitulate. If the above mentioned quote will not unite the Country, then maybe this quote will: “Divided We Fall, United We Stand.”

Andrew (AJ) Hamill
City of Oneonta

If You Want Public Office, You Ought To Say Why Publically

If You Want Public Office,

You Ought To Say Why Publicly

The county board’s Administration Committee set a poor precedent in deciding to interview candidates for state Sen.-elect Peter Oberacker’s District 6 seat in “executive session” – that is, in secret, out of the public view.

The county attorney, Ellen Coccoma, last week advised the Admin Committee when it interviewed the Republican candidate, Jennifer Mickle, that whether to do so in public or not was optional, up to the reps. To close the door instead of opening it was the wrong way to go.

It was bi-partisan poor judgment, too.

At this past Monday’s Admin meeting to interview the Democratic nominee, Diane Addesso, at least county Rep. Adrienne Martini, D-Oneonta, questioned if darkness should trump light.

Then she said, oh, never mind.

Admin Committee chair Meg Kennedy, C-Hartwick/Milford/New Lisbon, made the motion, and Republicans Ed Frazier and Keith McCarty, and Democrat Andrew Marietta, as well as Martini, went along.

If Mickle, Addesso and Libertarian Andrew Hamill ran for the seat, they would have had to answer questions in public from the public. Why should they get a free ride into Oberacker’s seat without having to tell the public in this limited manner why they want the job and what they would do with it?

After all, when crowned by their fellow representatives, Mickle, Addesso or Hamill would be participating in votes that will have an impact on all of us living in Otsego County.

When this sorry process is over, soul-searching is warranted by all county reps.

The state Committee on Open Government is available to conduct a training session for the board, but it’s as much a question of attitude: Does county government belong to everyone, or to them alone?

Libertarian Emerges To Succeed Oberacker


Libertarian Emerges

To Succeed Oberacker

Andrew Hamill

COOPERSTOWN – A third candidate, Andrew Hamill, a Libertarian who has run for Maryland town supervisor, emerged this morning to fill state Sen.-elect Peter Oberacker’s District 6 county board seat.

As the county board’s Administration Committee went into session this morning to interview former Worcester town supervisor Diane Addesso, a Democrat, for Oberacker’s seat, county board Chair David Bliss, R-Cooperstown/Middlefield, was seeking to arrange an interview with Hammil as well.

As it did in interviewing Jennifer Mickle, the Republican candidate for the vacancy, the committee also went into executive session to interview Addesso as well.

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