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Hartwick College Announces Five New Minors

ONEONTA—Hartwick College has announced the addition of five new minors to its academic programs. Students can now add a minor in game development, cybersecurity, data analysis, web design and digital marketing.

“These five new minors further Hartwick’s mission to provide engaging, relevant coursework that includes experiential learning opportunities for students,” said Dr. Laurel Bongiorno, vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty.

The game development program will educate students on the Unity engine, the number one most-used game development engine in the world. Students will study all aspects of programming, from system design to product development and promotion. The curriculum will also emphasize the culture of games and the people who play them.

Cybersecurity will prepare students to take action against constant digital threats to businesses, governments, municipalities and individuals, as well as investigate when these situations occur.

The data analytics minor will train students to extract, explore, and examine data to solve problems and support a variety of industries, from government and healthcare organizations, Fortune 500 companies and not-for-profit organizations.

Every business needs a website, and the college’s new web design minor gives students strong foundations in coding and programming, as well as visual design to create an accessible user experience.

“Students have been asking for programs like these that position them not only for a great career, but also excite and engage them in courses they care about,” said Professor Howard Lichtman, chair of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences.

Digital marketing prepares students with front-line experience at how companies and organizations use social media to inform clients and customers on everything from new products to political matters in an increasingly digital landscape.

“Students are passionate about the brands they engage with, as well as their own personal brand,” said Associate Professor Pauline Stamp, co-chair of the Business Administration and Accounting departments. “Our new digital marketing minor will hone their skills in social media and web spaces and provide exciting career prospects.”

Coursework for these programs will be hybrid, with on-campus offerings as well. More information on the new minors can be found at


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