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Hartwick College

SUNY, Hartwick Students Come Back On Same Day


SUNY, Hartwick Students

Come Back On Same Day

By JENNIFER HILL • Special to

ONEONTA – Some 2,000 freshman were returning here Wednesday, Aug. 21, arriving the same day at SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College.

That’s 1,525 at SUNY and 425 at Hartwick.

But arriving students are already looking beyond settling in.

For instance, as part of their orientation this year, SUNY Oneonta students have to learn to think fast.  “Fast O,” that is.

“The ‘Fast O’ is the athletic logo,” said Kim MacLeod, SUNY Oneonta associate director of communications. “Students in shirts with the ‘Fast O’ colors – white, red and black – will run out in the afternoon during the picnic and create a human ‘Fast O’.”

The picnic, part of SUNY’s Founders’ Day celebration on Thursday, Sept 4, celebrating the start of the college’s 130th anniversary year.

At Hartwick, the student body will be looking forward to the True Blue Weekend, its largest alumni-engagement event of the year, which is being moved up to mid-September instead of early October, three weeks earlier than usual. “It just worked out that the home game was happening earlier,” said David Lubell, Hartwick College’s media manager.

U.S. Orthodox Archbishop Headlines Annual Institute Hosted At Hartwick College

U.S. Orthodox Archbishop

Headlines Annual Institute

Hosted At Hartwick College

Orthodox Archbishop MIchael Dahulick keynotes weeklong institute at Hartwick College.

ONEONTA –  Orthodox Church in America Archbishop Michael Dahulich will discuss a bishop’s role in teaching the faith at the annual Hartwick Seminary Summer Institute of Theology at 6:30 p.m. this Thursday at Hartwick College.

Bishop Dahulich will teach on “Wisdom from the Psalms,” part of the annual Institute of Theology underway this week.

Oneonta clergy offering classes this year include Father David Mickiewicz, St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church; Father Vasil Dubee, St Innocents Orthodox Church; The Rev. Cynthia Walton-Leavitt, Red Door Presbyterian; Cindy Korb, retired teacher and missionary, and Carmel Sperti, Director of Faith Formation, St Mary’s.

First Day For New Provost At Hartwick College

First Day At Hartwick College

For John Ehmann, Provost, VP

Dr. Bill Ehmann started as Hartwick College’s new Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs this morning. succeeding Dr. Michael Tannenbaum, who retired this year after a decade with the college. He’s returning to the area after working at Marymount University in Arlington, Va, and had previously been a provost at SUNY Plattsburg, an associate dean at Empire State College and on the faculty at Mercy College.  Dr. Leamor Kahanov from Misericordia University, Dallas, Pa., joins SUNY Oneonta next Monday as provost, the top academic post at colleges and universities.  (Ian Austin,
Of Hartwick’s RN Grads, 80% Already Have Jobs

Of Hartwick’s RN Grads,

80% Already Have Jobs

ONEONTA – Of the Class of 2019 nursing students who graduated last month from Hartwick College, 80 percent of those employed upon graduation were hired by the site at which they completed their practicum.

In other words, if a Hartwick nursing student trained at a facility, they were more often hired there after graduation than elsewhere, the college said in a press release issued yesterday.

Newly minted Hartwick nurses were hired at facilities including:

N.H. Exec To Lead Hartwick College’s Fundraising Efforts

N.H. Exec To Lead

Hartwick College’s

Fundraising Efforts

Paul Lee Hobson Just Completed

$30M Plymouth State Campaign

Paula Lee Hobson is Hartwick’s new vice president/college advancement.

ONEONTA – Paula Lee Hobson, who just completed a $30 million “Imagine a Way” fundraising campaign at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, has been named Hartwick College’s vice president for college advancement, President Margaret L. Drugovich announced today.

At Plymouth State, Hobson served as vice president for university advancement for five years. In all, she has worked in higher education for more than 20 years, and the private sector for an additional 15 years.   The appointment begins effective Aug. 1.

Hobson takes over for Peg Luy, who has served in the position on an interim basis since January.  Gregg Fort, who served four years in the post, is now with the Epilepsy Foundation Iowa.

‘Broadway Revealed’ At Hartwick’s Foreman Gallery

‘Broadway Revealed’

At Hartwick’s Foreman

Irene Weinburg, Oneonta, above, enjoys an in-depth panoramic look into the workshops, offices and stages of Broadway in some of the 113 works in “Broadway Revealed: Behind the Theater Curtain” by photographer Stephen Joseph now on display at Hartwick College’s Foreman Gallery. At right, Stephen Joseph, Hartwick President Margaret Drugovich and Sophie Richardson, Oneonta, enjoy conversation amidst the many images after the opening day crowds have died down. A 90-minute tour of the exhibit and lecture will be given at 2 p.m. Tuesday, July 28, by Patrice Macaluso, retired SUNY Oneonta theater professor. (Ian Austin/

After Hanging  ‘Broadway Revealed,’ Photographer Turning Lens On Opera


After Hanging ‘Broadway

Revealed,’ Photographer

Turning Lens On Opera

Photographer Stephen Joseph lays out some of the 113 canvases of his “Broadway Revealed” exhibit, going on display at Hartwick College on Sunday, June 9. (Ian Austin/

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

ONEONTA – Stephen Joseph’s elaborate “Broadway Revealed: Behind the Theater Curtain,” photograph series got started right here in Oneonta.

While in Oneonta to hang his “Broadway Revealed” exhibit at Hartwick College, Joseph has begun capturing Glimmerglass Opera with his 360-egree lens. (Allison Cadel/Glimmerglass Opera)

“Ten years ago, I was having lunch with artist Julia Clay and I told her I would love to find a project based in New York City,” he said. “I live in California, but I wanted an excuse to come back here more often.”

Clay suggested he meet with Marjorie Bradley Kellogg, a Broadway set designer living in Treadwell. “I photographed her in her studio with all the models she built of the sets,” he said. “And that started the whole thing rolling.”

The show, which had a run at Lincoln Center in 2012, opens 3 p.m. Sunday, June 9, at Hartwick College’s Foreman Gallery. “I’m psyched to have the show come to Oneonta,” he said. “A lot of people didn’t get to see it when it was in New York.”

For eight years, Joseph, son of painter Bunny and Howard Joseph, photographed costume designers, set builders, shoemakers, and other behind-the-scenes artists of Broadway shows including “Chicago,” “American Idiot,” “Hair,” and “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.”

“People know the actors, the dancers, the celebrities,” he said. “But I wanted to show the people who create the shows. People don’t recognize that everything on that stage has to be made.”

At Oneonta’s 2 Colleges, Fewer Rapes Than Most


At Oneonta’s 2 Colleges,

Fewer Rapes Than Most

ONEONTA – A new U.S. Department of Education report on rapes and “fondling” cases among the 45 Upstate colleges puts both SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College in the bottom third.

SUNY Oneonta tied for 30th, with four rapes reported in 2017 and two in 2016, and one fondling each year.

Hartwick College tied for 36th with three rapes reports each year, and two fondlings in 2017 and one in 2016.

Hartwick Hails Class of ’19

Hartwick Class of 2019

Departs Oyaron Hill

Nursing major Mataiah Waters, Milford, above, walks with 214 fellow graduates during the recessional at Hartwick College,’s 88th annual Commencement on Oyaran Hill in Oneonta earlier this afternoon. At right, Hartwick President Margaret Drugovich, rear, joins the crowd in recognizing Eric Cooper, associate professor of biology, who was the recipient of this year’s esteemed Margaret B. Bunn Award for Outstanding Teaching. (Ian Austin/

Joseph’s Broadway Photographs Move Here From Lincoln Center

Joseph’s Broadway Photographs

Move Here From Lincoln Center

Oneonta native and celebrated Bay Area photographer Stephen Joseph documented behind-the-scene action from “American Idiot” to “Spider Man” for “Broadway Revealed, Behind the Theater Curtain”, which is being brought from Lincoln Center to Hartwick College this summer.

ONEONTA – The return of the native – from Broadway.

Photographer Stephen Joseph’s latest exhibit, “Broadway Revealed: Behind the Theater Curtain,” to open at 3 p.m. Sunday, June 9, at Hartwick College’s Foreman Gallery, does for New York City what Joseph did for his native City of the Hills in “Oneonta 360.”

An approach honed here – presenting panoramas of relatively intimate spaces – is applied in “Broadway Revealed” to theater’s behind-the-scene artists and technicians. It debuted in 2012 and included the Lincoln Center’s New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

OH-OH FEST: Annual Concerts Struggling In Crises Past, Crisis Present


Annual Concerts Struggling

In Crises Past, Crisis Present

Rapper Sean Kingston performs at St. Joseph University outside Philadelphia earlier this month, but a threatened protest by Know Violence Here caused SUNY Oneonta to cancel his OH-Fest concert, scheduled for Saturday, April 20.

Editor’s Note: The cancellation of Sean Kingston’s concert at OH-Fest Saturday evening, April 20, in Neahwa Park, sparked a pungent debate on All’s Facebook pages. Here’s a sampling of the back and forth.

►Kevin Comstock – If students from both colleges are the ones that pick the performers, then the concert should be held on campus … Keep the carnival downtown for the kids and family’s to enjoy.
►James Flannery – Honestly I’ve loved OH-Fest my whole life, and now being a SUNY student it’s become a headache. I don’t think we need to get rid of it, but we need to evaluate a lot of things. Example, part of
my tuition is the Student Activities Fee, which is due to increase to over $800 next semester. It’s so high because of OH-Fest. I feel like my money has now been wasted. So adjustments have to be made across the board.
►Teresa – If I were anyone famous, after this, I’d say … no to coming here. I truly am ashamed of this town and the college for allowing it
►Tiffany Frazier – Ya, ’cause they wasted 60 grand….
►Rose Straney-Kjellquist – So instead of shrugging and sweeping it all under the rug, SUNY made a lesson out of it and is enacting changes. Awesome.
►Kimmehameha German – Maybe next time they should do some vigorous research. Quick Google search would’ve told them about Kingston’s almost decade-old rape allegation, which he was never officially charged for or found guilty of. Their attempt at social justice cost $60,000.
►Matt – Start by not getting rappers?
►Karen Hayes Knickerbocker – The only winner here is Sean Kingston. He got $60k and didn’t have to do a thing to get it. If I were him I would have walked down Main Street with his entourage. Just cause.
►Tyler Logan – I’ve never seen a city struggle so much with an annual concert. Every year there is some mishap or complaining. Just be done with the whole thing, because clearly nobody can handle a ONCE-a-year event. Small-town problems.
►Robert Makofske – The squeaky snowflake gets the grease.
►Nikke Allen Hunt – They didn’t protest when A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie performed, even though he has a rap sheet including sexual assault prior to his performance in Oneonta.
►Teresa Olmstead – Talk about condemnation of someone who has never been charged with a crime nor convicted. You are a disgrace to the Land of the Free and to the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights
►Irene Morrissey – He settled out of court, which means money cures everything in the USA!
►Gina Colone – But just because he settled out of court doesn’t necessarily mean he was guilty? Right? If someone is assaulted I’d think they’d want that person in jail, unless money is motivator for the allegations.
►Teresa Olmstead – I don’t care about the music … but cancelling it the way they did just because of 9-year-old allegations. And yes, you’re probably right about it being motivated by someone wanting money. They know famous people will settle regardless of their innocence because it’s bad for them
►Tom Whitney – Hey, c’mon … Only the Prezzz is allowed to $buy$ his way outta trouble!
►Crystal Couse – The man is accused of gang rape. I guess I don’t understand why people think a person like this is acceptable in our town??
►Astrid Tara – Not that I attend it in many years, but I think it’s ridiculous that this is happening. If you don’t agree with who’s playing don’t go. No one is holding you hostage to attend. Too many people easily offended by everything. Could’ve brought a lot of business to the area for the weekend. Don’t complain local businesses aren’t thriving when you drive business that could be made out of the area.

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