Help Clerks Fight ‘Green Light’ Law, Letter Asks Trump

Help Clerks Fight

‘Green Light’ Law,

Letter Asks Trump

State Requires Actions Against

Constitution, Hayner Declares

Craig Hayner

COOPERSTOWN – Saratoga County Clerk Craig Hayner, with the concurrence of 30 county clerks across the state, has asked President Trump to ask the Justice Department to go to federal court to determine if New York State’s “Green Light” Law, which goes into effect Dec. 14, is constitutional.

The “Green Light” Law, passed by the Democratic controlled state Legislature, requires county clerks to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.  The Otsego County Board of Representatives passed a resolution this month objecting to the bill, and Otsego County Clerk Kathy Sinnott Gardner has expressed concern the automatic license-application program will automatically register undocumented residents as voters.



“Mr. President,” Hayner wrote, “I believe this law circumvents federal immigration laws and should be reviewed at the highest levels of government to determine unilaterally whether this legislation is indeed constitutional.  As you are aware, state law cannot conflict with federal law, and where conflicts may exist, federal law supersedes.”

While other states have similar laws, this one is different, the letter states: “This law requires the non-compliant licenses to be ‘visually identical’ to federally compliant licenses and simply stamped, ‘not for federal law enforcement purposes.’  This law also restructs the Department of Motor Vehicles from disclosing information to federal law enforcement agencies.”


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