HEWLETT: Pornography Is At Root Of Many Modern Evils


Pornography Is At Root

Of Many Modern Evils

To the Editor:

In America today, it seems like whenever we turn on the news or read the newspaper there are reports and headlines of sexual crimes but most people are content to just leave it up to law enforcement and the courts.

What we all need to understand, regardless of our take on the Bible or other religious beliefs, is that sexual crimes can only be prevented if America gets to the very root (and source) of this crisis and cuts it off completely.

The root of all sexual crimes, starting in our own community, is pornography – especially on the Internet.

If the American people recognized the serious consequences of pornography and prompted lawmakers to pass a new law making it illegal, pornography would no longer exist. Then, within a very short time, sexual crimes would no longer exist.

There would be no more rape, sex trafficking, child molestation, sodomy, or even many of the sexual sins that many Americans don’t consider to be crimes – such as adultery, homosexuality, and sex outside of marriage.

What America needs, now more than ever, is a spiritual revival that will usher in a new age of sexual purity that will benefit all people, regardless of who or how many people helped make it happen.

Sexual purity will benefit every one, Christians and atheists, because no one in their right mind is going to continue indulging in something (like watching pornography online) if Congress has passed laws making it illegal.

Ultimately, as a nation and individuals, it’s best that we do what’s right because we really want to and teach the truth by example, but for now, it’s also necessary to pass new laws on behalf of those who aren’t ready to help us put an end to all the sexual crimes we hear and read about, and sometimes witness with our own eyes.


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