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Jason Hewlett

HEWLETT: Trump, Bidens Turn Voters Off

Trump, Biden

Turn Voters Off

To the Editor:

Being a somewhat conservative Christian man, I have always preferred Republican candidates over Democrats.

I have voted or wanted to vote for Republicans because they have the same views that I do on major issues such as abortion, homosexuality and prayer in public schools, to name a few.

But as I get older and more educated, and I begin to understand what’s most important in life, I realize that the issues a candidate stands for aren’t nearly as important as his or her character.

I can’t bring myself to vote for Donald Trump on Nov. 3 because his character is one of arrogance, hypocrisy and immaturity, despite the fact that I agree with him on many of the issues.

But I also can’t bring myself to vote for Joe Biden because his character, based on the Presidential debate alone, wasn’t much better, since he chose to return insult for insult with Trump instead of taking the high road and being the better person. I also disagree with him on most of the issues.

So what should I do? And who should I vote for in November? I will either vote Independent or I won’t be voting at all.


HEWLETT: Many Mental Patients Abused


Neglect Of Mental

Patients Little Understood

To the Editor:

Right now there is nothing more important to me than making people aware of the ongoing abuse and neglect of patients on psychiatric units. This is still happening today in many hospitals here in NYS because of bad policies and bad protocols that need to change.

These are the primary causes of patient abuse by psychiatrists and their nursing staff who ironically do mean well and want the best for their patients.

Many caring activists, volunteers, and coordinators of are helping abused patients like myself raise much needed awareness of the ongoing corruption in the Mental Health System.
They have posted many startling but informative blogs such as “Corruption at Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse” on their (PsychRights) website: Everyday Horrors of the Mental Health System.

They are working hard to help reform and improve mental health policies and practices on psychiatric units and in hospitals, starting locally and eventually on a global scale.

To achieve this goal, however, it has become necessary to pursue and win lawsuits and class action lawsuits for neglecting the mental health and even the physical needs of patients.


HEWLETT: Pornography Is At Root Of Many Modern Evils

Pornography Is At Root

Of Many Modern Evils

To the Editor:

In America today, it seems like whenever we turn on the news or read the newspaper there are reports and headlines of sexual crimes but most people are content to just leave it up to law enforcement and the courts.

What we all need to understand, regardless of our take on the Bible or other religious beliefs, is that sexual crimes can only be prevented if America gets to the very root (and source) of this crisis and cuts it off completely.

The root of all sexual crimes, starting in our own community, is pornography – especially on the Internet.

If the American people recognized the serious consequences of pornography and prompted lawmakers to pass a new law making it illegal, pornography would no longer exist. Then, within a very short time, sexual crimes would no longer exist.

There would be no more rape, sex trafficking, child molestation, sodomy, or even many of the sexual sins that many Americans don’t consider to be crimes – such as adultery, homosexuality, and sex outside of marriage.

What America needs, now more than ever, is a spiritual revival that will usher in a new age of sexual purity that will benefit all people, regardless of who or how many people helped make it happen.

Sexual purity will benefit every one, Christians and atheists, because no one in their right mind is going to continue indulging in something (like watching pornography online) if Congress has passed laws making it illegal.

Ultimately, as a nation and individuals, it’s best that we do what’s right because we really want to and teach the truth by example, but for now, it’s also necessary to pass new laws on behalf of those who aren’t ready to help us put an end to all the sexual crimes we hear and read about, and sometimes witness with our own eyes.


Developing Method Helps To Handle Disagreements

Developing Method Helps

To Handle Disagreements

To the Editor:

Through much trial and error, I have learned how to express my opinions in a respectful, honest and productive way instead of being unfair with the people who have different opinions than I do. It wasn’t easy for me to learn that valuable life lesson because when you’re so sure you’re right about something, you feel entitled to be the final authority on the subject.

One of the ways I’ve been able to swallow my pride and be fair to my critics is to be open and objective enough to read or listen to both sides of an issue and not just my side.

A one-sided viewpoint, even if it’s true, doesn’t give people an opportunity to think for themselves and they end up letting other people think for them.

I have also learned through my own personal failures that letting my critics speak their mind rather than silencing them actually increases the value and validity of my own viewpoint.

I have accepted that I may need more education and guidance, even constructive criticism, about the things I believe and write about. But can the public, including my critics, admit that as well?

If you or I cannot swallow our pride about something we believe, something we’re very passionate about, then the least we can do is read and listen to both sides of the story, whatever that story may be, before we jump to conclusions about our critics.

Then we can at least know the reasons for their views and help them.


Twelve Tribes Outstanding Citizens; Leave Them Alone

Twelve Tribes Outstanding

Citizens; Leave Them Alone

To the Editor:

I wish the people who attend churches here in Oneonta would do more research before jumping to false conclusions about the Twelve Tribes.

First of all, how many people have carefully and thoroughly read what they believe on their public website titled, “Frequently Asked Questions – The Twelve Tribes”? These people have nothing to hide, no fear of persecution or adversity, and they share what they believe publicly without leaving questions ignored or unanswered.

No One Should Be Forced To Take Psychiatric Drugs

No One Should Be Forced

To Take Psychiatric Drugs

To the Editor:

As a man diagnosed with a mental illness for the past 20+ years, I have the lived experience to give the public a patient’s view of the dangers of psychiatric drugs. They are not at all what most people, including those who are mentally ill, think they are.

If you were to Google “Psychiatric Drugs: Cure or Quackery?” by Lawrence Stevens J.D., you would get some startling but very accurate information about psychiatric drugs, what they really are and what they really do.

The worst thing that often happens to someone who is involuntarily committed to a psychiatric unit and/or mental hospital (especially in the U.S.) is that their rights are often limited and sometimes violated by a psychiatrist who forces psychiatric “medications” on them – against their will. This has happened to me many times over the years.

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