HOMETOWN HISTORY: December 3, 2020


December 3, 2020

150 Years Ago

Home and Vicinity – L. Goldsmith is enlarging his store by adding on several feet in the rear. Remember S. Brownson’s Singing School at Music Hall, next Saturday evening. As we go to press, track laying is in progress at the crossing below the village. Wm. McCrum has the frame up and nearly enclosed for a new house on the new street east of Broad Street. Bronson has the frame up and nearly enclosed for the new house of J.P. Van Woert, on Dietz Street. The frame for W. Mickle’s new house on Center Street has been raised and will be rapidly enclosed. H. Houghton has commenced a new house nearly opposite the residence of W.H. Shellman on West Street. The new stone walk laid on Main Street shows enterprise and good judgment on the parties who have energy enough to put them down. The new book store is open for public inspection and patronage. Call and see its neat arrangement and carry home a few choice books.

December 1870

125 Years Ago

A comprehensive and well-printed general Directory of Oneonta has been issued by Mr. H.G. Bishop which will prove a convenience to businessmen and others. It comprises a 175 pages and sells for $2. It can be had by mail.
Mr. George I. Wilber has presented a fine lot running from Broad Street to South Main Street, 52 by 200 feet, to the Y.M.C.A. of this place, on which to erect their proposed new building, which is to cost $15,000. Mr. Wilber paid $6,000 for the lot.

December 1895

100 Years Ago

The Otsego County Farm Bureau and the Home Bureau held another successful annual meeting at Oneonta yesterday with an attendance of over 600 people from all parts of the county. The interest shown in the meeting and in the work of these two prominent organizations with their kindred clubs and projects shows that the people of the county are more than ever alive to the work that is being done. Mr. VanScolk, Otsego County’s Farm Bureau Agent gave an extended report of his work this past year. In reference to the livestock work he said there were only 16 herds in the county under the accredited herd plan. Now, there are over 400. Of the last 311 agreements received in his office, 127 reported one or more purebred females in their dairies and 100 of the latter reported over 1,365 purebred females, a noteworthy percentage. Ninety percent of the breeders’ clubs have accredited herds.

December 1920

60 Years Ago

Abraham L. Kellogg of Oneonta, Justice of the Supreme Court, who has served continuously for 16 years on the bench, seven of which were as Justice of the Supreme Court, left Monday with Mrs. Kellogg on an extended tour. Justice Kellogg hopes to recover his health, which has become impaired by his long and conscientious service on the bench. Justice and Mrs. Kellogg will go directly to Miami, Florida from Oneonta. There they expect to stop for two weeks. They will then go to Palm Beach where they stay at The Breakers for three weeks. From Palm Beach they will cross the state through the Everglades to Boco Grande on Florida’s west coast.
Two Oneonta brothers were arrested early Wednesday in connection with a series of burglaries in Otsego, Delaware and Chenango counties. State police reported that they admitted to “six safe jobs,” including a failed attempt on the safe at the post office in West Oneonta. Robert B. Curtis, 23 and his brother George R. Curtis, 25, of Oneonta waived examination during an early morning appearance before Town of Oneonta Justice of the Peace Harold A. Ingolsby. They were remanded to the Otsego County jail in Cooperstown to await Grand Jury charges of third degree burglary. The brothers may also face a federal charge in connection with the post office job at West Oneonta.

December 1960

40 Years Ago

State Transportation Commissioner William C. Hennessy is urging all motorists to prepare their vehicles for winter ice and snow conditions on the highway. He urges drivers to proceed at reduced speeds and avoid driving in bad weather whenever possible. “We have 4,000 highway maintenance workers, Mr. Hennessy said. “ Their task is always much easier and is done faster in winter when there is less traffic and fewer stalled vehicles.” Hennessy said his crews attend “Sensible Salting Seminars” to help assure that just enough salt is spread in the right proportion with sand to maintain safe driving in various temperatures and weather conditions.

December 3, 1980

20 Years Ago

Oneonta – All of the seats are taken in the second floor courtroom. Standees begin to line the walls. It is 8:30 a.m. on a December Monday morning and the Otsego County Drug Treatment Court (DTC) is about to begin. The men and women gathered in a special section of the courtroom are here because they have made a voluntary commitment to rid themselves of addiction to drugs and alcohol. For the DTC people, this is their battle of a lifetime and the only alternative to incarceration for criminal offenses and fines. The new program which has successfully completed an experimental phase with satisfactory results is poised to expand provided additional funding is forthcoming. On the bench in the Judge’s chair is His Hon. Michael J. Coccoma, the DTC’s founding court authority. Betty Currier, Executive Director of the LEAF Council on Alcoholism and Addictions and the court’s partner in founding the DTC says “there are now more than 600 DTC’s nationwide including 21 in New York State.

December 2000

10 Years Ago

The Lady Yellow Jackets who retired Coach Bob Zeh took to the state finals the past two years in a row honored him at a surprise party in the OHS Cafeteria Thursday, Nov. 25, prior to the start of the Thanksgiving Tournament. Facing the camera, from left, are Katie Braden, Meredith Ridgway, Valerie Ridgway and Erin Walstenholme. The girls went on to win the Drago Cup under Zeh’s successor, Matt Miller.

December 3, 2010

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