HOMETOWN History Feb. 21, 2020


Feb. 21, 2020

150 Years Ago

Humorous – A Case of Denied Non-Committal: Old Lady – “Can you tell me, my good man, where I can find Mr. Jones?” Pat: “Sure Ma’am, I expect it would be at his house you would find him.” Lady: “Does he live anywhere in the street here?” Pat: “Sure, no indeed, it’s not for the likes of him to be living in the street at all.” Lady: “You stupid fellow! I mean what number does his family stop at?” Pat: “Now Ma’am, you have me. He has six boys and four girls already, but whether he means to stop at that number, I know not.” Lady: “Oh, you blockhead.” Exit old lady in a tremor of indignation. (Editor’s note: The name “Pat” is code for an uneducated, droll person of Irish lineage).

February 1870

125 Years Ago

The Census Office has issued a bulletin showing the principal results of the investigation of farm and house proprietorship and indebtedness. It shows that there are 12,690,152 families in the United States – and of these families, 52.20 percent rent their farms or homes while 47.80 percent own them. Of the owning families 29.97
percent own properties subject to an encumbrance while 72.03 percent own free of an encumbrance. There are 420 cities and towns which have a population of 8,000 to 100,000, and in these cities and towns, 64.04 percent of the home-owning families rent and 35.95 percent own their homes. Of the home-owning families, 34.11 percent own with an encumbrance and 65.89 percent own without encumbrance. In cities having a population of 100,000 or greater, of which there are 28, 77.17 percent of home owners
rent and 22.83 percent own their dwellings, of which 37.80 percent have an encumbrance while 62.20 percent occupy their homes free of encumbrance.

February 1895

80 Years Ago

Thankful for a day of sunshine and blue sky, Oneontans leaned on their snow shovels yesterday and took a collective deep breath, hoping the shovels could be put away for a while.
Sidewalks which had been out of sight for two days since the start of the 19-inch snowstorm Tuesday, had been shoveled bare, and in many places the entire length of a block. But the shovels had to stay out until driveways, backyard walk paths to garbage cans and clothes lines and porches could be cleared.
Anxious to earn a few more quarters and half dollars, men were still going about the city, stopping wherever they saw snow-blocked drives or walks, and offering to clean them. Traffic in the business section proceeded at about its normal pace, and parking was possible close to the curbs. Plows cleared thoroughfares through the city’s principal streets. Main routes of travel were open and all buses to and from the city made their runs except for the Margaretville route. Many back roads awaited the attention of snow plows.

February 1940

60 Years Ago

Luther G. Cook, former blind operator of the concession store in the D&H yards for over 30 years, died Friday at Jones Nursing Home. Mr. Cook was 80 years of age and resided at 21 Otsego Street. Mr. Cook was born September 19, 1879 in Jefferson, the son of Elijah and Electa (Woodbeck) Cook. He married Sarah Wilsey, August 10, 1929 in Charlottesville. Although blind, Mr. Cook operated the concession store in the D&H yards until his retirement two years ago. In his home he maintained a business of re-caning chairs. He had lived in Oneonta about 35 years. He is survived by four stepdaughters – Mrs. Harriet Truesdale and Mrs. Bessie VanBuren, both of Oneonta, Mrs. Ruth Roe, Torrington, Connecticut, and Mrs. Evelyn Hisson, Chenango Bridge; two step-sons, Raymond Clapper of Watervliet and Kenneth Clapper of Buffalo as well as several nieces and nephews.

February 1960

40 Years Ago

Senior Meals: The menu of the Otsego County Nutrition Program for the Aging the week of February 18 to 22 will be: Monday: “Holiday” No meal served. Tuesday: Orange-apricot juice, hamburger steak, casserole potatoes, peas, sauerkraut salad, whole wheat bread, tapioca pudding, coffee, tea, milk. Wednesday: Baked haddock squares, mashed potatoes, broccoli, jellied cranberry fruit salad, rye bread, birthday cake, coffee, tea, milk. Thursday: Baked ham with raisin sauce, escalloped potatoes, green beans, roll, half grapefruit, coffee, tea, milk. Friday: Tuna-noodle casserole, mixed vegetables, coleslaw with shredded carrot, white bread, cherry breeze, coffee, tea, milk. Reservations must be made with site manager a day in advance. Monday reservations must be made on Friday.
A new community senior citizens group is being formed in the Elm Park United Methodist Church. A covered dish dinner will be held at Noon, Friday, February 15, in the church. It is hoped that all interested senior citizens in the community and area will attend.

February 1980

20 Years Ago

Headline: “Mayor Giuliani answers “Quid Pro Quo” charges
by Democrats.” The New York Senate race between Hilary Rodham Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani was focused this week on campaign contributions for political favors. Democratic State Committee Chairwoman Judith Hope accused Giuliani of taking money from developers in exchange for allowing them to build over a community garden. During a news conference at Democratic State Committee headquarters in Manhattan Ms. Hope called for Giuliani to return $32,799 in campaign contributions from a company and its executives benefitting from the city’s decision to bulldoze and build on a community garden site in the East Village. BFC Construction is set to erect a 79-unit building on the site. “I’m saying there is a quid pro quo, or there certainly appears to be,” she said.

February 2000

10 Years Ago

Judge Robert A. Harlem Sr. will receive the Eugene A. Bettiol, Jr. Distinguished Citizen Award. The Otesaga, which turns 100 this year, will be recognized at the NBT Bank Distinguished Business. In announcing the selections
this week, chamber President & CEO Rob Robinson recognized not only the Otesaga longevity and central role in Cooperstown-area tourism, but noted the resort hotel “generously supports area charities and non-profit agencies, including Hospice, American Red Cross, Bassett Healthcare, Otsego County Food Bank, the Cooperstown Fire Department and EMS, among others.”

February 2010

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