HOMETOWN History Nov. 29, 2019


Nov. 29, 2019

150 Years Ago

A genuine Yankee at Lisbon, Connecticut, who wanted to put a water pipe through a drain tied a string to a cat’s leg, thrust her into one end of the drain, and then giving a terrific “Scat!” the feline quickly appeared at the other end. The pipe was drawn through the drain by means of the line, and at an expense of ten dollars saved by the operation.
Advertisement: New discovery in Dentistry – Dr. Peabody has purchased the right to use Iodized Rubber for dental use for seventeen years. The rubber is free from
Sulphur, and is said by six of the best chemists in the United States, if not in the world, to be the best for dental use. Dr. Peabody has within the last three months, put up a great number of sets with the Iodized Rubber. Taking the testimony of those who wear them and my own experience in the last twelve years in working Rubber. I consider it the best in use by more than one-half. All Dental work will be done in my office from fifty- to one-hundred percent cheaper than any other office in Delaware County, and warranted to give satisfaction. All in want of good work and good material, call and examine the new rubber. Dr. D. Peabody.

November 1869

125 Years Ago

More than 60 years ago it was known that illuminating oil of an excellent quality could be extracted from bituminous coal, and in 1860 there were more than three-score manufactories of it in this country. In that year it was first discovered that vast deposits of rock-oil lie under the soil of Pennsylvania and adjoining states. Throughout wide districts, wherein wells were driven, the oil flowed like water. The cost was almost nothing, and in ten years the native product could be bought in any quantity for ten cents a barrel.

November 1894

100 Years Ago

The first national convention of the American Legion in Minneapolis today started with a pronouncement of its policy declaring the organization to be non-political. The first resolution passed demanded the deportation of Victor
Berger of Milwaukee as a “disloyal citizen.” Another resolution called for an investigation of Representative Voight of Wisconsin who supported Berger in a recent vote in the House of Representatives. Endorsement of universal military training, with a small standing Army and no compulsory military service in time of peace was voted enthusiastically tonight. It was recommended that the national citizen Army be under local control and administration. Indianapolis was chosen as the site of the permanent national head- quarters of the Legion. Debate on an amendment to the Legion’s constitution that sought to admit foreigners who served with the American or Allied armies, and who hereafter become American citizens, lost by a 2 to 1 vote with many speakers objecting to admission of foreigners.

November 1919

60 Years Ago

Oneonta High School Cagers – “It would be hypocritical for me to say anything bad about these boys,” said Coach Tony Drago. “They have been looking real good in scrimmages so far. In fact, maybe too good for this time of season.” Lest they get rusty, Drago is sending them to Delhi tomorrow to scrimmage Ed Shawkey’s five for the third time. “The only trouble,” Tony remarked, “is that Delhi and the likes who we’ve been scrimmaging against cannot match our boys in height. We’ll be facing bigger teams when the season begins.” The Yellowjackets open with a non-leaguer against Frankfort this Saturday. Those in line for starting berths against Frankfort are co-captains Bob Terrell and Bill Ronovech, Ron Crosby, Sonny Carey, Jim Konstantly and Mike Lewis, all seniors. In practice, Drago deployed this offense around a triple-pivot, an innovation of the 1958-59 campaign. The coach also disclosed that for the first time Oneonta will be garbed in knee socks in line with his policy of dressing his charges as befits champions.

November 1959

40 Years Ago

Students in a high school Civics class in Vassalboro, Maine took to the streets in Waterville and Augusta with petitions urging repeal of laws they said coddle criminals and found – to their dismay – plenty of supporters. A majority of the adults they approached readily penned the document, most perhaps not realizing that it called for the repeal of the Bill of Rights. “As a history teacher, the whole thing kind of scares me,” said Bill Forstchen, who conceived the project. “It all started when I was trying to think of a way to teach the Bill of Rights so the kids will remember it six months from now.” Deleting the title, but retaining the text of the Bill of Rights word for word, the petitions urged that a proposal to repeal the entire document be placed on the 1980 election ballot. In their solicitations, students said the document “coddles the criminals.” Forstchen’s 45 students, ages 16 and 17, told respondents that they were operating under the auspices of two organizations – “The Young Americans for Law and Order” and the “Peoples’ Freedom Movement.” Both were fictitious.

November 1979

20 Years Ago

About two-thirds of all medical X-rays in the United States are captured on film. Now comes the digital alternative. Eastman-Kodak Co. plans to unveil three radiographic products next week that record X-rays electronically rather than on silver-halide-coated film. Someday, X-ray technology may be hard to find in hospitals and doctors’ offices. However, the transition to the digital era is likely to be a slow one Martin Coyne, Kodak’s health imaging division chief says.

November 1999

10 Years Ago

Otsego County residents will be able to review Otsego County’s preliminary “flood map” at an “open house” on Wednesday from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Oneonta Middle School. The event is hosted by the State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. No public presentation is planned, but flood plain managers and flood insurance experts will be on hand to answer questions. Properties located in flood plains carry a mandatory requirement for flood insurance if the structure has a federally-backed mortgage.

November 2009

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