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Insinga, Basile Win Their Races

OTSEGO COUNTY—Election Day 2023 has come and gone and, according to the unofficial results currently posted on the Otsego County Board of Elections website, Republicans won the top two spots.

Cheryl Insinga defeated Deirdre Hay for State Supreme Court Justice, 6th Judicial District, and current Otsego County Deputy Clerk Jennifer Basile prevailed over MacGuire Benton for the role of county clerk.

Basile, when asked if she was concerned at any point that she might not win, said, “I think it’s only natural for a person to think of the what-ifs.”

“It is reassuring to know that the voters of Otsego County understand the importance of this role. I am overwhelmingly thankful to have their support,” Basile added.

Basile said she is already prepared to take over for current County Clerk Kathy Sinnott Gardner on January 1, 2024.

“With me already being in the office, it will be a smooth transition and there will be no interruption of services to the community,” Basile explained.

Benton, who called Basile to concede the race and congratulate her on her victory, said he wishes her all the best as she prepares to serve as county clerk.

“Naturally, I’m disappointed that the result wasn’t in our favor. However, what a blessing it was to have the opportunity to be considered for service. I took my campaign to every corner of Otsego County, no matter how red or how blue. We brought people together behind a set of ideas from every party and no party. You win some, you lose some. You get back up and dust yourself off and push forward. That’s how I govern myself,” Benton wrote in an e-mail on Tuesday.

Benton said his commitment to public service and to the success of Otsego County and its communities doesn’t end with one election.

“I’m taking some time to consider how best to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors,” Benton wrote.

He said he is excited to continue his work in the private sector, and thanked his team.

“They made the campaign possible,” he wrote. “It’s just the beginning for us.”

The one contested race for Otsego County Board of Representatives, in the 11th District, was won by Nora Mendez (DEM), who defeated Paul Ahearn (REP) for the position being vacated by Clark Oliver (DEM).

In the four contested races for Oneonta Common Council, incumbents Leonard Carson (REP-Fifth Ward) and Emily Falco (IBE-Eighth Ward) retained their seats. Shannon McHugh (DEM) defeated Daniel Rorick (REP) for the Third Ward seat and Bryce Wooden (DEM) beat Sean Dwight (REP) in the Seventh Ward.

Proposal Number One, an amendment regarding removal of small city school districts from special Constitutional debt limitation, passed (59.7%) as did Proposal Number Two, an amendment extending sewage project debt exclusion from debt limit (64.46%).

The results for the remainder of the contested races, as they stand now, are listed below.

State Supreme Court, Justice 6th Judicial District:

Cheryl Insinga (REP-54.53%) defeated Deirdre Hay (DEM-45.47%)

Otsego County Clerk:

Jennifer Basile (REP, CON-58.39%) defeated MacGuire Benton (DEM, IBD-41.61%)

Otsego County Representative 11th District:

Nora Mendez (DEM-74.40%) defeated Paul Ahearn (REP-25.60%)

Oneonta City Council Third Ward:

Shannon McHugh (DEM-78.15%) defeated Daniel Rorick (REP-21.85%)

Oneonta City Council Fifth Ward:

Leonard E. Carson Jr. (REP, IBF-72.02%) defeated Donald Garrison Jr. (IBE-27.98%)

Oneonta City Council Seventh Ward:

Bryce Wooden (DEM-75.42%) defeated Sean Dwight (REP-24.58%)

Oneonta City Council Eighth Ward:

Emily Falco (IBE-85.71%) defeated James Peter DeAndrea (REP-14.29%)

Decatur Superintendent of Highways:

Richard Sawyer (IBE-75.47%) defeated Jason Hornbeck (IBF-24.53%)

Edmeston Superintendent of Highways:

Johnathn Button (REP-72.30%) defeated Joseph Chesebro (IBE-27.70%)

Exeter Superintendent of Highways:

Steven A. Baker (REP-59.5%) defeated Randy S. Brooker (CON, IBF-40.5%)

Hartwick Supervisor:

Robert J. O’Brien (REP-68.31%) defeated Dylan Arnot (IBE-31.69%)

Hartwick Council Member (two seats):

Thomas J. Murphy (REP-30.33%) and Bryan F. LoRusso (CON-27.59%) defeated Jason Blaske (REP-23.78%) and Pat Ryan (IBG-18.30%)

Milford Council Member (two seats):

Harold Couse (REP-80.32%) and Vera Sosnowski (W, 13.25%) defeated Austin L. Partridge (W, 6.43%)

New Lisbon Town Supervisor:

Edward T. Lentz (DEM, IBF-65.49%) defeated Bruce L. Page Jr. (IBE-34.51%)

New Lisbon Council Member (two seats):

Laura Curtis (DEM-45.86%) and Scott Fickbohm (DEM-45.30%) defeated George Knarich (W, 8.29%)

Otsego Town Justice (two seats):

Gary Kuch (DEM, IBE-42.89%) and Lauren Cady Glynn (DEM, IBE-33.66%) defeated Jesse Torruella (REP-23.44%)

Pittsfield Council Member (two seats):

Lisa Jackson (REP-31.38%) and Clifford Carl Tice (REP-29.54%) defeated Kaylee Weidman (IBE, 20.00%) and Justin Weidman (IBE-19.08%)

Richfield Supervisor:

Larry Frigault (REP, IBE-59.01%) defeated Paul Palumbo (CON-40.99%)

Richfield Council Member (two seats):

Edward T. Bello Jr. (REP, CON-30.26%) and Frederick Eckler (REP, CON-28.72%) defeated Dan Sullivan (IBE-24.27%) and Penny Simonds-Tibbits (IBE-16.75%)


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