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Islamberg Issues Statement

Thanking God For Protection

ISLAMBERG – The Muslims of America, Inc., this morning issued a statement expressing “our sincere gratitude to God Almighty” for his protection after the arrests of four young men in a Rochester suburb for allegedly planning to bomb this Muslim community in Delaware County.

The statement continues:

“We would like to publicly acknowledge the tireless efforts of the state, local and federal law enforcement officers who have, once again, intervened to prevent a would-be massacre of our humble community.

“We applaud the young student who saved scores of American lives by reporting that something was wrong. Finally, we are thankful that representatives from Governor Cuomo’s office have been in contact with our community to offer support and assistance during this difficult time.

“The fear and utter dismay that sent shockwaves throughout the children and adults in our community over the past several days is not unlike the panic and unease which our community endured after learning that Robert Doggart and his co-conspirators were planning a similar massacre in 2015.

“It is beyond tragic that our nation continues to fester with Islamophobia, hate and religious intolerance. To bring justice and properly deter similar terrorist plots against our community, we are calling for the individuals charged, as well as their accomplices, to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We will follow these proceedings closely.”


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