It’s Only Sensible To Lock Our Doors – And Borders

It’s Only Sensible To
Lock Our Doors – And Borders

To the Editor:
Where do we live? On a park bench, covered with newspaper, open to the elements with no place to call home? Some do, but not all. Most, in fact, live in a building called a house – with walls, doors and windows. Our own private place of refuge. Do we leave those doors and windows open or closed? Do those doors and windows have locks?
What, or who, are we keeping in or out? Some live in “Gated Communities” similar to what you’d find at surrounded by walls and/or fences. What, or who, are they keeping in or out?
I think by now you can see where I’m going with this line of questions. We live in houses and gated communities with walls and fences, doors and windows. When invited guests come to the door we greet them and let them in, but if those same people try to break the door down or climb in thru a window, we call the police and have them arrested for breaking and entering.
We insist on having
private homes, yet we treat our national home with disdain – no doors, no windows, no walls, no fences, no gates – open to all comers, benevolent or hostile.
For all those who advocate open national borders, let them throw open their private homes, unlock their doors and windows, fling open their closed gates and fences and open to all comers – benevolent or hostile.

P.J. Schweinfurth

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