January in Hartwick: Maybe just an accident?

January in Hartwick: Maybe just an accident?

New York State Police said February 1 an incident they reported as a burglary in the Town of Hartwick on January 3, 2022 “appears to be an isolated incident and remains an active and on-going investigation.”

Trooper Aga Dembinska told The Freeman’s Journal / Hometown Oneonta “there have been no other reported incidents like this.”

Sources say the matter was never a burglary nor a home invasion but was, upon investigation, an accident in the person’s home.

State Police first characterized the incident in a January 3, 2022 press release as “a burglary that occurred in the town of Hartwick,” and that “Sometime between the evening of Sunday, January 2 and the morning of Monday, January 3, the suspect(s) unlawfully entered a residence on Poplar Avenue and caused physical injury to an elderly victim.”

State Police offered no further details on the on-going investigation and have, to date, made no arrests related to the matter.


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