Joe Campbell – A Class Act


Joe Campbell – A Class Act

I came to know Joe while teaching and coaching at Oneonta High School. He was my assistant coach for the JV football team and helped us go undefeated for four straight years.

Joe was a gentle person who cared deeply about his athletes. He was a fitness advocate and, believe me, our athletes were fit. They looked forward to our games as they were “easier” than practice.

In the four years we worked together, Joe never held anything back, but he was a gentleman with regards to how he made our differences known.

I always knew where he stood and I always knew he would go to the mat for me or the team.
There’s really not a greater tribute one can pay to a person and friend than to say he was a class act – and Joe was, in every sense of the expression, a class act. We’ll miss him.

West Davenport

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