Letter by Buzz Hesse

Letter by Buzz Hesse

Did you know we live in the Mohawk Valley Region?

Traveling east on I-88 at exit 12 (mile marker 46) there is a relatively new NYS sign promoting area businesses.

At the bottom of the sign in huge letters it says: “MOHAWK VALLEY REGION”!

This is blatantly incorrect and misleading. We live in the region of the Upper Susquehanna River Valley. The source of the Susquehanna River is in Otsego County at Otsego Lake, Cooperstown, N.Y. From these headwaters the Susquehanna Valley traverses through our area, continuing all the way to the Chesapeake Bay.

The phrase Mohawk Valley Region on this sign is wrong. It is wrong historically, geographically and geologically. These are actual facts that cannot be disputed.

This sign as it appears is a discredit to our area. It is misleading to tourists and others travelling through. It should either be corrected to say Upper Susquehanna Region, or perhaps Leatherstocking Region, or it should be removed! Period.

Call the following DOT and NYS officials to request correction or removal of this sign:

Brian Kelly, DOT Region 9, 607-721-8116
Bud Sweet, DOT, 607-721-8609
Don Pencak, DOT, 607-721-8114
Sen. Peter Oberacker, 607-432-5524

Please get involved and help to correctly promote our area.

Buzz Hesse

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