Letter: Up to ‘here’ with the headlines

Letter: Up to ‘here’ with the headlines

To the Editor:
I don’t know about you, but I am up to “here” with daily news. Degraded natural systems, regional draught, forest fires, tornadoes, the virus uptick anticipating hospitals under stress, anti-vaxxers crying government overreach, old white guys telling women what they can and cannot do, school kids yelling racist and anti-Semitic insults at classmates, public shootings, those who think gays and women don’t deserve a voice, America’s Democracy rating degraded due to “authoritarian tendencies,” members of Congress exchanging hateful public insults, controlled voting rights — the list goes on and on.

Is there any relief in sight or just more power grabs by the autocrats?

No wonder 17% of young couples don’t want to bring kids into this world. What’s happening to our world? We seem stuck in time.

P. Jay Fleisher

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