Local Artifacts Showcased At Sunday Series Finale

Local Artifacts Showcased

At Swart-Wilcox Sunday Series

Above, Len Pudelka, Oneonta, a former history professor at Hartwick, gives the final Sunday Series talk of the season on the lawn on the Swart-Wilcox House  this afternoon. His talk was on the local skirmishes in the surrounding area during the Revolutionary War. At right, Helen Rees, Oneonta holds a stone weight that Natives used for net fishing in the area. The artifact, and others like it, are part of a collection found in the fields around the Swart-Wilcox House in the 1950’s by Emerson Horth.  He later donated the collection to the Swart-Wilcox House museum where it remains on display. (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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