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Letter from Maureen Murray, Kristin Pullyblank and Hudi Podolsky

Exhibit Focus Is on Voter Rights

Our right to vote is precious and hard won. In a moving exhibit at the Sam and Adele Golden Gallery, New Berlin, artists reflect on the struggle for the right to vote in this country. In the exhibition catalogue, Gretchen Sorin writes, “The right to vote was so meaningful that these activists petitioned, demonstrated, were arrested and jailed, even beaten and murdered to gain and protect the right to vote. Today, many of us take voting for granted, but it is the cornerstone of our democracy and it enables us to continue to live as free people.” If you need inspiration to make a plan and vote this year, visit this wonderful exhibit. Every election matters, your vote in each election sustains our democracy. Make your voice heard—vote early, vote absentee or vote on Election Day.

You can register to vote until October 28. Early voting begins that same day, Saturday, October 28 and continues until Sunday, November 5. You can vote early at the Meadows Complex at 140 County Highway 33W in Cooperstown, or at the Foothills Performing Arts and Civic Center at 24 Market Street in Oneonta. If you need an absentee ballot, you can get the application at the Board of Elections in the Meadows Complex, or online at or at Election Day is November 7, and you can find your polling place at vote411 or at in the Board of Elections department.

The exhibit, “Our Votes, Our Stories,” is at Golden Artist Colors’ gallery at 237 Bell Road, New Berlin. It is curated by Gretchen Sorin’s students at the Cooperstown Graduate Program. The artwork and the curators’ comments will remind you of the sacrifices that have been made so that you can vote. The League of Women Voters of the Cooperstown Area urges every eligible citizen to exercise their right to vote.

Maureen Murray
LWVCA Board Co-chair
Kristin Pullybank
LWVCA Board Co-chair
Hudi Podolsky
LWVCA Voter Services Chair


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