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Letter from Hon. Brian S. Pokorny

Basile Best for Clerk Position

I am writing this endorsement letter to express my strong belief that the position of Otsego County clerk should be filled by the most qualified candidate through the democratic process of voting. Although my personal opinion is that the county clerk role should be an appointed position, I understand that the current system involves electing individuals to this important position.

In the upcoming election for Otsego County clerk, we have two commendable candidates, both of whom are good people. However, one candidate stands out from the other, and that is Jennifer Basile. What sets her apart is her extensive experience of working in the clerk’s office for more than a decade, giving her a unique understanding of the inner workings and requirements of the position.

The role of county clerk is crucial, as it involves overseeing two significant offices—the clerk’s office and the DMV. These departments play a pivotal role in delivering essential services to the public. It is imperative that the individual entrusted with this responsibility possesses the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to efficiently manage these offices and effectively serve the community.

Jennifer Basile’s experience makes her exceptionally well-equipped to handle the challenges and responsibilities associated with the county clerk position. Her years of service have given her a comprehensive understanding of the intricate processes involved, ensuring a seamless and efficient functioning of both offices. Moreover, her dedication and commitment to public service are evident through her track record of serving the community diligently.

While her opponent may also be a good person, his lack of experience in running the clerk’s office raises concerns about his ability to lead effectively. Given the significance of the position and the services it oversees, it is vital that we elect someone with a proven track record of success and expertise.

I wholeheartedly endorse Jennifer Basile for the position of Otsego County clerk. Her experience and dedication make her the most qualified candidate to uphold the responsibilities of this crucial role and ensure that the public receives the highest level of service.

Hon. Brian S. Pokorny


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