Man Arrested In Railyards After Stabbing

OPD Used State Police Drone In Search

Man Arrested In Railyards

After Stabbing Acquaintance

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

ONEONTA – An Oneonta man was arrested following a manhunt into the Oneonta railyards after he allegedly stabbed an acquaintance, Oneonta Police Chief reported this morning.

Brian J. Boore, 40, Oneonta, was arrested after police responded to a call to a residence on Burnside Avenue of a “stabbing in progress” by a housemate of the victim. When they arrived, they found the victim “bleeding profusely” from multiple lacerations.

Shortly before police arrived, Boore allegedly fled into the railyards, and with assistance from University Police and State Police, including the drone unit, OPD began a manhunt.

“They flew the drone over the railyards,” said Brenner.”And when they landed, he came out of the brush,”

Boore was charged with assault in the first degree and burglary and transported to the Otsego County Jail. “We believe he went to the residence with the intent of hurting the victim,” said Brenner.

The victim was taken to Bassett Hospital and underwent emergency surgery. According to Brenner, he is in stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

4 thoughts on “Man Arrested In Railyards After Stabbing

  1. Rose

    Monsters walk among us! Let’s pray that this man receives the maximum sentence for his disturbing crime so we all can feel just a little safer in our small community.

  2. chester brower

    look with every thing going on in 2020 this is the stuff the cops have to deal with across the county and now cops are being put to the test and trying not to being charge for doing there job .and then on top of that with the new law no bail and no jail it really make it hard for them to do there job and put there life on the line every day so people can live a safe life ,so to all you people out here that wish the cops were not here you better think twice cause with out them all hell is going to brake loose like it has in other big city.

  3. Brian J Boore

    Well I tried to leave a reply to the posts about monsters walking among us and how hard it is for those brave, righteous police officers to operate under the scrutiny of today’s political atmosphere. But it didn’t post. So all I will say is if you want to hear the facts of the case from the accused himself (who, by the way, has been back walking among us since January 15th), just email me at

  4. Jessica Morris

    No Buddy should judge like that .. there is 2 sides to EVERY story… The monsters walking amoung us comment was uncalled for!! Did u arose follow the case and see he was let out and unaccused!!! KNOW THE DAMN FACTS! Only God is the true judge!!!!

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