News from the Noteworthy: FSA Works To Help Individuals, Families Meet Basic Needs

News from the Noteworthy

FSA Works To Help Individuals,
Families Meet Basic Needs

Family Service Association, located at 277 Chestnut Street in heart of Oneonta, is sometimes referred to as the “Area’s Best Secret.” FSA is a privately funded human services agency, with an annual budget of just under $300,000.00. The agency is staffed by three full-time employees, volunteers and college interns. Most popular for our Clothing Room, FSA offers a host of other programs to help people and families in need of assistance.

The Clothing Room is open to the public and set up like a thrift store, but all items are free. Donations are accepted from community members, stores or other organizations, and neatly displayed for “shoppers” to take at no cost. FSA’s Clothing Programs also provide specific items to individuals for employment, school or health needs.

FSA’s Emergency Service Program provides assistance during times that are commonly seen as an emergency or high-stress period for a household. Examples are house fire, eviction, food shortage, job loss, health issues or domestic violence, to name a few.

Our Training/Employment Program assists individuals in gaining job training, removing barriers to employment and offering internships or volunteer experiences.

FSA collaborates with other community agencies and strives to combine resources and staff when projects may be too big for just one organization to tackle. For the past two years, FSA has worked in collaboration with other community partners to create a Warming Station for homeless people during the winter months. Securing a safe and appropriate location has been the challenge. We all identified there was a definite need and worked diligently to see this project through. Unfortunately, the challenge of finding a location has fallen on the group once more and we are actively seeking a new space.

As 2022 comes to an end and we start our planning for 2023, FSA hopes to continue to find innovative and relevant services for people in Otsego County and the surrounding areas, to help individuals and families meet more of their basic needs while overcoming barriers that challenge their success and prevent them from moving forward. FSA is constantly looking for funding opportunities and new ways to raise and utilize funds.

FSA strives to work together with other community organizations to assist people in meeting their own needs. We encourage people to contact us with any questions or visit our website or Facebook page for more information—Patricia Leonard, (607) 432-2870, or

Family Service Association was established in 1909 and is a private local non-profit human service agency. Funding is provided through grants, churches, national and local foundations, fundraising, and donations from the community. Programs are designed to assist area residents in meeting their own needs.

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