NORTHRUP: Carefree Gardens + Origins = Paradise

Letter from Chip Northrup

Carefree Gardens + Origins = Paradise

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, we begin to think of heading back to Texas. But we never leave before the closing event of the season: the plant auction at Carefree Gardens on October 10, Columbus Day.

One of our great pleasures at Cooperstown is our time spent at Carefree and at Origins Café, where, if I’m lucky, I get to shoot the breeze with my pal Brent Leonard. There are various versions of what Paradise may be like, but I prefer the Muslim one: a fragrant garden filled with bubbling fountains, with food and drinks served by beautiful women. I think I’ll convert to Islam so that when I die, if I’ve lived a good life, I’ll get to go to Origins Café and Carefree Gardens.

Chip Northrup

One thought on “NORTHRUP: Carefree Gardens + Origins = Paradise

  1. Harry Seward

    So chip, see you’re headed out of dodge while the gettin is good. Dont blame you! I just filled up my heating oil tank! Wow! Nearly 5 bucks a gallon! Hey maybe you can convince some of them good ole boys down there in texas to fire up them oil rigs and help get these prices down ! Lol,. Anyways safe travels, stop in for a couple draws on the ole piece pipe before you leave if you got time.

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