OBERRITER: Coop Food Pantry Grateful for Support

Letter from Sharon Oberriter

Coop Food Pantry Grateful for Support

This is a good time of year for Cooperstown Food Pantry to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the fantastic support you give us in our mission to deal with hunger and poverty here in the northern Otsego County community. We thank the businesses, churches, community organizations, individuals, and our 100+ volunteers without whom we could not help our families, children, and seniors in this stressful time of increased cost of food, gas, and utilities amid a 30 percent growth of food cost and in the use of our pantry.

We are especially grateful to The Scriven Foundation for its challenge grant of $7,500.00 for the months of November and December, which matches your support. We can leverage every $1.00 you give to purchase up to $10.00 of food.

What better budget tool could we have?

Again, thank you to a truly amazing community of supporters who continue to help with a mission begun 45 years ago by our very special founder, Ellen St. John.

Sharon Oberriter
President, Cooperstown Food Pantry

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