One-Injury Crash Clogs Route 28 At Rush Hour

One-Injury Crash Clogs

Route 28 At Rush Hour

Route 28 between Cooperstown and Fly Creek has been closed for the past 20 minutes after a northbound AllStar Taxi van ran into the back of a northbound tan Ford SUV that was turning left into the Haggerty Road subdivision.   The accident happened about 4:20 p.m., as Bassett Hospital employees were heading home for the day.   The Ford driver had pulled the vehicle into Haggerty Road but the taxi van, its front grill smashed, remained in the middle of Route 28.  One person, apparently the driver of the taxi van, was transported to Bassett by Fly Creek EMS.  Coopertown Medical Transport and Cooperstown EMS also had ambulances at the scene.  Village police, state police and deputy sheriffs were at the scene.   Cooperstown fire police were diverting traffic at Glen Avenue down Maple Street toward alternate routes.   Top photo is of van, looking back toward Cooperstown; photo at right is Ford parked along Haggerty Road.  (Jim Kevlin/

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