Police Investigating ‘Rash’ Of Main Street Burglaries


‘Ring Doorbell’ Camera May

Help Solve Break-In Rash

ONEONTA – Oneonta Police are hoping new “Ring Doorbell” cameras will help determine who is responsible for a series of break-ins in Center City and Main Street this past week.

“Someone in Center City had one of those ‘Ring Doorbells,’ and they got some footage of someone breaking into a car,” said Oneonta Police Chief Doug Brenner. “But the footage isn’t very clear, so we’re asking people to check if they have any video from the early morning hours.”

Last week, burglaries were reported at The Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans and Hospice thrift shops. Since then, three other businesses were also broken into – Brenner declined to say which ones, citing investigation protocol – as well as two Center City residences and cars in the area.

“It’s difficult when you get a rash of these burglaries,” he said. “We have to ask, what’s the motivation? Is it more than one person? Does it have to do with an increase in drug usage?”

If you have any information, please contact the Oneonta Police Department at (607) 432-1113.

4 thoughts on “Police Investigating ‘Rash’ Of Main Street Burglaries

  1. Sarah

    I think maybe we need to start monitoring our fellow college students who apparently have nothing better to do than stay up at all hours of the night and start defacing private and public property. Since day one of their mother be in date, it’s been nothing but non-stop partying. I regret moving to Church Street. Time to start giving these college pukes a curfew and scan ID’s every where.

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