Police: Woman Spit On Bassett Employees

Police: Woman Spit

On Bassett Employees

COOPERSTOWN – A woman was arrested after she allegedly spit on Bassett Hospital employees and told them she had COVID-19, according to Cooperstown Police Officer David Kaminski.

“A female was being seeing by staff at Bassett when she became irate and began spitting in several staff member’s faces,” said Kaminski. “She then told them she had coronavirus.”

Though she was arrested yesterday, the woman’s name has not been released, citing COVID-19 reporting protocols. It is not known whether she has been tested for the virus or what the results of the test were.

6 thoughts on “Police: Woman Spit On Bassett Employees

  1. mommabear

    Her name SHOULD be released. If she was arrested it is public knowledge. If someone gets in a car wreck and is treated but charged with DWI it is released.

  2. Doug

    In my opinion that is an act of terrorism against our medical force I understand at this COVID-19 stuff is scary but if we are to work together and get through this people need to keep their heads on straight and the public does have a right to know who these people are

  3. Pat Ostrander

    I believe she committed a felony and could be looking st, least 2 years in prison, she attacked the staff with bodily fluids. They as well as her self will also have to be tested for the virus, HIV, all of the hepatitis viruses, I hope she realizes what a horrible thing she did.


    In Indiana, it would be assault with bodily fluids and earn her jail time and a hefty fine! We don’t allow for this type of aggression. Also, she deserves to have her name known, as does any lawbreaker!!!

  5. Bill Grau

    The COVID-19 protocols are not applicable in this situation because:
    1. Bassett is not supplying the information
    2. The Cooperstown police are not a medical facility and are not subject to HIPPA.
    3. The women self identified and releasing her name would only be in conjunction to what she said.
    They should release her name.

    On behalf of the human race, I would like to apologize to the Bassett workers who were subjected to this. The rest of us appreciate you for what you do everyday and even more so during this crisis. I am sorry that this happened to you and i pray she was lying about having COVID-19.

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