A.O. Fox Hospital Announces FoxCare Fitness Will Be Closing June 1

A.O. Fox Hospital Announces FoxCare Fitness Will Be Closing June 1 ONEONTA—A.O. Fox Hospital and Bassett Healthcare Network announced on Tuesday, February 28 that FoxCare Fitness in Oneonta will be closing permanently as of June 1. Hospital and network leadership reached the decision following an extended period of declining membership and operational challenges, many of which are directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. “FoxCare Fitness, like many other gym facilities, has experienced significant business impacts as a result of the…


NOTEWORTHY: Community Foundation Reaches Granting Milestone

News from the Noteworthy Community Foundation Reaches Granting Milestone In three short years, $500,000.00 in grants and awards from the Community Foundation of Otsego County have gone to Otsego County nonprofits. This major milestone was marked by a $15,000.00 award to Catholic Charities of Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie Counties for the Oneonta Warming Station. The Community Foundation of Otsego County was founded in 2019 by a group of 15 local citizens who share a vision and believe in the potential…


MALAVET: Previous Letter Was ‘Ill-Informed’

Letter from Elizabeth Malavet Previous Letter Was ‘Ill-Informed’ In response to Steve Broe’s letter in the February 16, 2023 edition of “The Freeman’s Journal” concerning COVID policies: I find the letter both condescending and ill-informed. There are many people who have preexisting conditions that have nothing to do with slim waistlines and fruit consumption. I had Lyme disease 25 years ago—it left me with fibromyalgia, chronic migraines and some brain fogginess. I had to have both knees replaced this past…


BROE: Facemasks, Vaccines Are Not the Answer

Letter from Steve Broe Facemasks, Vaccines Are Not the Answer Dr. Richard Sternberg asks your readers if they are still masking up and getting jabbed. I, for one, am not! The doctor seldom, if ever, mentions the keys to excellent health and COVID/flu avoidance. These time-honored keys are hard work or exercise, obtaining adequate rest, maintaining a slim waistline, getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and ingesting many fresh fruits and vegetables. Donning ridiculous, respiration-depressing facemasks and taking dangerous,…



HAPPENIN’ OTSEGO for MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6 Documentary and Discussion with The Innocence Project INNOCENCE PROJECT—9-10 p.m. The community is invited to watch the documentary, “The Central Park 5,” about the five Black and Latino teenagers whose lives were upended when they were falsely convicted in the Central Park jogger case. Followed on February 8 by a presentation from one of the five as well as a staff member of the Innocence Project. Hunt Union Red Dragon Theater, SUNY Oneonta. 607-436-3012 or…


STERNBERG: The China Syndrome

LIFE IN THE TIME OF COVID The China Syndrome As I stated in last week’s column, it’s déjà vu all over again. Now the problem is new strains of COVID, which are beginning to take over in many countries including the United States. But more importantly is the rapid spread of multiple COVID sub-variants in China. Initially in response to COVID, the Chinese government came up with a zero tolerance policy. Whole cities were locked down. China developed its own…

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