POLITICAL LETTER: Collier Can Be Our Voice In Difficult Times

MURPHY: Collier Can Be Our Voice In Difficult Times

To the Editor:

Now is a difficult time for us all.

There is such sadness, fear and for many people, a daily  struggle just to get by.

I have lived in this area for over 40 years and taught middle and high school students in Cooperstown school for 20 years. I know and celebrate the wide variety of people who live in this district. We are yearning for ethical and respectful political leadership. On June 26. we vote for our Democratic NY-19 Congressional representative.

I am voting for Erin Collier for Congress.

We live in a beautiful area, rich with history, including the wisdom of the Native People who wisely considered how seven generations to come would be affected by their decisions. Erin Collier has the long-range vision we need. She is an experienced economist with working-class communities. She understands the need for healthcare for all and believes clean renewable energy is our future.

There is a saying, “Women hold up half the sky.” Erin is an advocate for all of us, not just the powerful or the loudest. She understands the gender wage gap and the struggles of families and children. Over the years I have known Erin, she has always enjoyed friendships with a wide variety of people. She is not exclusive but inclusive. This is what we need in our Congressional representative.

I have known Erin since she was an 11-year-old student in my class.  I have observed her intellect, her open heart, dedication to purpose, willingness to work hard and her absolute joy in life.

I have seen many students over time find a place where their talents are needed. Many are in this community and many others are in places throughout the world enriching lives of others.

Erin is here now to serve our community.

I will vote for Erin because I know she can represent me in the many layers of working in Congress.

I will vote for Erin knowing that this era of sadness and fear will take a while to change and Erin has the skills and passion to speed us toward a time of balance.

This is a long journey. I begin with one step and will vote for Erin Collier.



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