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Meg Kennedy


EDUCATION: B.S. Cornell University

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 24 years experience in family owned and operated horticultural business in Hartwick

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: serve on governing bodies of 2 farmers markets 2008 – present, serve on Town of Hartwick Planning Board 2010- present, member of St. Mary’s “Our Lady of the Lake” Parish.

FAMILY: 11 siblings, many in-laws, numerous nieces and nephews, parents

PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT: Government has a responsibility to spend tax monies responsibly.  Government functions to serve the people by providing the best service in the most cost effective manner to protect the public safety and provide safe roads and infrastructure, encourage economic development and provide services as mandated.

MAJOR ISSUES FACING OTSEGO COUNTY: creating jobs and educational opportunities for residents and young people.  Keeping and supporting agriculture as a economic strength. 

MY QUALITIES:  I am a good listener and a fast learner.  I work well in groups.  I have good communication skills.  These qualities have served me well in my first term on the County Board.

STATEMENT: I have enjoyed my work on the County Board of Representatives.  My attendance each month at the town meetings in Milford, Hartwick and New Lisbon keeps me in touch with issues that I can work on at the county level.  My attendance at my committee meetings has helped to shape decisions that have resulted in positive outcomes for the county – budgets under the tax cap, support for the Farmland Protection Plan and work on the organization of the Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank are some examples.


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