Rally to Protect Mueller Probe Planned At 5 In Muller Plaza

Rally to Protect Mueller Probe

Planned At 5 In Muller Plaza

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker

ONEONTA – As part of a nationwide protest of the president’s new acting attorney general, a Rally to Protect Mueller Investigation is planned at 5 p.m. today in Muller Plaza, downtown Oneonta, organized by Butternut Valley Indivisible.   “Everyone who loves their country” is invited.

“The Mueller investigation was expected to wrap up quickly as soon as the general election was over,” an invitation emailed overnight says.  “BUT WAIT – The very day after the election, Donald Trump has fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointed a partisan loyalist, Matt Whitaker, to take his place.

“Far worse than that,” it continues, “the Justice Department says that Whitaker will immediately take over supervising special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker will do everything he can to obstruct the investigation and protect the president and his sons. We know this because he has been publishing op-eds undermining Mueller’s investigation all along.”

Simultaneous protests are being planned by Indivisible CD19 NY in Kinderhook, and across the country.

“I for one am unwilling to assume the president is guilty of anything,” said Amy Pondolfino, Morris, the local planner.  “However, he is not acting like an innocent man. Americans deserve full and truthful answers. We have to ensure the security and sanctity of our election system is never compromised again. We can only do that with a full, thorough investigation, free from interference.”

Pondolfino said the demonstration will abide by all applicable laws and lawful orders of authorities. “This event will be nonviolent and will not involve any civil disobedience or other violation of law,” Pondolfino said.

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