RSS Foes ‘Do Not Want To Live Near Crazies’


RSS Foes ‘Do Not Want

To Live Near Crazies’

To the Editor:

The individuals comprising the Sixth Ward Neighbors United are clearly not willing to be neighbors
to persons with psychiatric disorders who need housing assistance.

The Neighbors claim that they want full investigation of Rehabilitation Support Services (RSS) for financial improprieties prior to approval of applications for low-income housing for mentally ill residents.

While it is always wise to frequently and regularly monitor the financial activity of not-for-profits, as well as for-profit entities, I do not believe that the Neighbors really have the best interests of the individuals served by RSS at heart.

They simply do not want to live near the crazies. I write this as someone who lives with a psychiatric condition.

I call upon the local chapter of NAMI to advocate for this housing, as well as for the use of RSS resources for the full benefit of the individuals RSS is intended to serve.


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