See the sights in a horse-drawn carriage

See The Sights In A
Horse-Drawn Carriage

Harley and his friend Jane Keip waiting for riders on Main Street

Walk up Main Street to the tree-lined road in front of the Court House on Main Street and you will find a new way to explore Cooperstown.

After moving to the area in 2020, Jane Keip offers horse-drawn carriage rides for events all summer as well as some weekends alongside her coworker, the gentle giant Clydesdale called Harley.

Kiep grew up in Philadelphia where her family was also in the carriage business before she moved to Tuscon, Arizona. She continued to offer horse and carriage rides there until 2020. With the cost of hay increasing and a new child in the family, the decision was made to move to a safer locale with good schools, and a more rural atmosphere resembling where Kiep had grown up in Pennsylvania. They chose a farm in Schenevus, where the horses could run around and enjoy the outdoors.

The business, called Sentinel Carriage Company, specializes in weddings and other events, but will also be available for local tours at the spot on upper Main Street on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.

“There isn’t anything quite like seeing this charming village from a horse drawn carriage. Everyone enjoys themselves and I do too,” Ms. Kiep said.

They can be reached at 520-609-3582 or on Facebook at SentinelCarriageCompany/

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