Sheriff’s Son Requires ‘Rigorous Examination” Of Fitness, Lawyer Says


Sheriff’s Son Requires

‘Rigorous Examination’

Of Fitness, Lawyer Says

But County Board Says Only Devlin
Can Allow It, But Refused To Do So

COOPERSTOWN – The County of Otsego’s labor lawyer has recommended Sheriff Richard J. Devlin’s son Ros undergo “a rigorous examination” to determine if he is fit to return to work at the county jail, the county Board of Representatives said in a statement released today.

But only the sheriff has the authority to order Ros Devlin to undergo the examination, and he has “refused to do so,” according to the statement.

The sheriff “has decided to place the interests of his son above the interests of the safety of others,” the statement concludes.  Nonetheless, it says, the county board intends to continue its investigation into a workplace incident last January involving the son and issue a report.

Meanwhile, “the directive banning Ros Devlin from county property remains in place.”



One thought on “Sheriff’s Son Requires ‘Rigorous Examination” Of Fitness, Lawyer Says

  1. Lenny

    A nut case says he’s wants to kill people and school children. The sheriff wants him to get his gun back. What the H%*# is Devlin thinking?? Nut case should not be above the law because daddy is the sheriff.
    Sheriff’s sonny boy and Hillary should be locked up !

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