Sign Of The Season: Daffodil Bulbs Planted


Sign Of The Season:

Daffodil Bulbs Planted

The team from the Clark Foundation Greenhouses completed planting 1,000 daffodil bulbs this morning at the Cooperstown United Methodist Church at Chestnut and Glen, after completing similar annual autumn plantings in the past few days at the village’s other four churches, Christ Episcopal, St. Mary’s “Our Lady of the Lake,” First Baptist and First Presbyterian.  From left are Barry Shirley, Ray Miller, Curtis Hurley, Bob Schworn and Jason Swezey.  Insert, Hurley applies the “Dibble Board,” which creates indentations that allow the flowers to emerge in a tidy pattern in the spring.  The greenhouses are also involved in pro bono plantings around the village, from hanging baskets on Main Street to The Fenimore Museum and the Baseball Hall of Fame.  (Jim Kevlin/

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