Sitting Pretty Kitty

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Sitting Pretty Kitty

ONEONTA—Angela Zustovich shared this photo of her gorgeous feline, Murphy, and we could not resist putting him on page one for all to admire. “As a nurse working at Bassett with COVID-19 patients at the time, I had secluded myself for the safety of my family and friends; it was definitely a hard time and became very lonely,” Zustovich wrote. “That was when I saw a FB post from Susquehanna SPCA of a cat named Murphy. I took one look at the photo and knew I had to give him a home. I adopted him in April of 2020 and my life was changed ever since!  Murphy has brought so much joy to my life. He is such a playful and affectionate cat; I always look forward to his little “sandpaper” kisses when I come home from work. He enjoys sunbathing on the window perch, laying on warm laptops (he is the cutest distraction), bird watching and cuddles. I have him harness trained and he likes going out on mini-adventures on trails around Oneonta, where we reside.  He has definitely been a purrfect pal!” We invite you to send pictures of your furry, feathered or finned friends to Every week, we’ll select at least one photograph to be highlighted in the newspapers, and a gallery of our readers’ pets is now available for viewing on the website at

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