5 Statues Slow Drivers On Wileytown Road

Drivers on Wileytown Road, between Fly Creek and Hartwick, have been rubbernecking since the Nancy Croft and Shad Rathbone clan put up five huge snowpeople alongside the road last weekend. Deb, seen striding from her barn (she’s raising 150 sheep) past the snow statues, said she and Shad have been building snowmen for the past several years, but this is the first time they’ve done it with white plastic-covered hay bales – big impact. Assisting this year were Shad’s sisters Tabby Tanner and Tassha Rathbone, along with extended family and friends: Hannah Rathbone and her boyfriend Andrew Rockwell, Kati Rathbone and Taylor Kepner.  Nancy built the one in the foreground, and it’s her favorite. (Jim Kevlin/

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