Sol Center Named For John Scarzafava

30 year-old dream finally opens in Oneonta

SOL Center Renamed

For Atty. John Scarzafava

Nettie Jean Scarzafava, Oneonta, visits with long-time friend Marie Lusins, right, following this afternoon’s rededication of The Scarzafava SOL Center, 50 Dietz St., Oneonta, in memory of her husband John Scarzafava, the Oneonta attorney who died in June 2014. “I hesitated in naming it after my husband,” said Scarzafava,” but I had a dream, and in it I was on the other side speaking to John, and I woke and knew I had to do it.” The idea for an alternative wellness center came  30 years ago to Mrs. Scarzafava, herself a former county judge, and today the SOL (Sweetness Of Life) Center provides space to practitioners in acupuncture, massage therapy, grief counseling, hypnotherapy and Ayurvedic medicine from India, plus nutritionists, yoga instructors, bathing therapists and dance classes. “People tell me they love what these women are doing,” said Scarzafava, “It is important to have a place like this that supports men and women. If we build stronger women, we build stronger community.” (Ian Austin/


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