Troopers: Robbery Planned in Oneonta



Nicolas Meridy, 32, is led out of a felony hearing in the Town of Worcester court, where he was accused of helping orchestra the robbery that led to the murder of Kenneth Robinson at his home in Worcester. (Ian Austin/

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

Stephanie Robinson, Kenneth’s niece, recalled how her uncle would do anything for his kids. “He was an amazing father,” she said.

WORCESTER – Dylan Robinson, 15, the son of Kenneth Robinson, woke up his father and shot him during a struggle for the gun, Senior Investigator Ronald Lussi told Worcester Town Justice William Fisher during a felony hearing for Nicolas Meridy, 32, the Oneonta man accused of helping orchestrate the robbery that lead to Robinson’s death.

“During my interview with Mr. Meridy, he did state that there was a planning session at his house at 37 Fairview Ave, Apt. 2 ½, where they planned to rob Mr. Robinson of money and marijuana,” said Lussi. “They then acquired weapons and drove to the residence.”

When they arrived, Lussi said, Dylan opened the door and let Meridy and the others – including Alex Borgreen, 16 – into the home. Anais Soto, 17, is believed to have been waiting outside.

Once inside, Dylan allegedly went to the bedroom and woke up his father with the shotgun in hand, and, when a struggle ensued, shot his father twice.

“During the struggle, Mr. Meridy said that Dylan struck him with the gun, causing the gash on his forehead,” said Lussi.

Meridy was in possession of two guns during the robbery, but told Lussi that after the shooting, he went outside and waited in the car for Alex and Dylan to exit the residence.

State Police Investigator Lester Burton told the courtroom that when he arrived on the scene, he saw Robinson lying dead on the floor.

Attorney Andy Puritz, representing Meridy, did not call any witnesses. “There is no evidence that my client entered without permission,” he said. “The deceased’s son let him into the home.”

“That’s not permission for robbery,” said District Attorney John Muehl. “He admitted to being let into the house in order to rob it, that he had guns and during that robbery, Kenneth Robinson was killed. Just because he didn’t pull the trigger is of no consequence.”

Fisher sided with Muehl and transferred the case to Otsego County Court. He remanded Meridy back to the Otsego County Jail without bail.

Outside the courtroom, Stephanie Robinson, Kenneth’s niece, alleged that Dylan had stolen the guns from his father’s residence earlier in the month. “I think Dylan went in there with the intent of killing his dad,” she said. “I don’t blame Nick, I blame Dylan.”

“Kenneth was an amazing man,” said his girlfriend, Jennifer Ives. “But it doesn’t matter who killed him or why. He’s still gone.”

Both Ives and Robinson held pictures of Kenneth in the courtroom, and outside as Meridy was lead passed them and into the Sheriff’s transport van.

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  1. Sum Toon

    It was telling that the victim’s niece came right out on TV, apparently proclaiming her cousin’s guilt.
    He shot his Dad and she hung her cousin.
    Loyalty must’ve skipped a generation.

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