Staff Dining Picks: July 29, 2021

Staff Dining Picks

July 29, 2021

Origins Café provides vegetarian food;
Mt. Fuji has sauce with extra flavor

Larissa Ryan
Business Manager
Mt. Fuji
A nice spot to sit down for dinner, Mt. Fuji is conveniently located on Main Street in Cooperstown and has some of the most delicious food around.
They also provide takeout if that’s more your speed.
I recently had the chicken hibachi dinner there. It comes with a small salad to start.
It’s not so filling you loose your appetite and it cools you down on a hot day.
Then you can start on the main course.
The hibachi itself is served with seasonal vegetables like onions, carrots and squash (as well as fried rice) and it is meant to be dipped in the sauce that comes with it. My chicken was delicious by
itself, but the sauce just adds that extra flavor that cannot be done without.

Mt. Fuji
134 Main St.

Tara Barnwell
The Green Cow
The Green Cow butcher shop has been our neighbor up on Railroad Avenue for a while now. They are such nice people and hard workers!
If you want to break out of the hot dog box without giving up the hot dog, you need to try one here.
The taste is amazing, pretty spicy and I love the way the casing pops when you bite into it. All 100% beef, no fillers! You get your choice between hot or mild chili. I chose the hot which probably brought the spice level up. Very different and very good.
As a bonus for having a hot dog for lunch, you can buy dinner there, too! Their weekly specials are insane, and the quality is so good.
Ask Josh, the masterbutcher, for some suggestions on different kinds of cuts. He’s a genius. How lucky are we to have such a great butcher in our neighborhood?

The Green Cow Butcher Shop
21 Railroad Ave.

Greg Klein
Brickhouse Pizzeria
Although we have a lot of favorite pizza places already, both in Otsego County and in the Mohawk Valley, we recently tried Brickhouse Pizzeria in Richfield and we were happy we did.
The first thing we noticed was the large pizza was humongous. Then we noticed the price was not so humongous. Luckily, the pizza tasted good, too.
We also ordered the garlic knots and those, too, were oversized and tasty. For a new place, they certainly deserve a shot.

Brickhouse Pizzeria
1 Main St.
Richfield Springs

Kevin Limiti
Golden Guernsey Ice Cream
As the basic human being I am, I deal with stress and anxiety by eating ice cream.
Since this place is so close to me, I knew I’d get around to it eventually. I ordered a brownie sundae, which is as delicious as it sounds. The Reese’s sundae is probably next on my list when I go there again.
As a side note, there is a cat that lives there who apparently eats ice cream all the time. Not sure how healthy that is for the cat, but he/she seems content.

Golden Guernsey Ice Cream
15 Main St., Oneonta

Kathleen Peters
Graphic Designer
Origins Café
Some visiting vegetarians were joining us for a basic burgers and dogs BBQ party, and I knew that Origins had a large selection of vegetarian/vegan offerings. So, I ordered a tray of vegetable lasagna. Almost all the meat-lovers including me and The Husband tried it and loved it.
We had to return the tray, so we went back for lunch.
Dining in the lush greenhouse on a summer day is enough to make for a fabulous lunch.
The Chicory Creek Panini (local roasted chicken breast, cheddar, tomato and pickled onions) and the Arabeth Meatloaf Panini (local grass-fed beef meatloaf, caramelized onions, and cheddar) washed down with an Ommegang Belgian Pilsner and IPA made it truly worth the trip.
Origins Café is open for lunch and Sunday brunch (closed Monday and Tuesday.)
For a little extra fun they have a prix fixe Wednesday Community Harvest Dinner with live music.

Origins Café
558 Beaver Meadow Rd.

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