Sub-Zero Weather On Its Way

Sub-Zero Weather On Its Way

4 year old Abram Wyckoff of Cooperstown pushes snow off of the sidewalk in front of his family’s Delaware St. home. Wyckoff worked diligently alongside his mother to clear all of the snow.

By PARKER FISH• Special to

With such an eventful year coming to an end, 2017 is making sure it goes out with one last surprise. Thanks to a low pressure system swooping down from our neighbors to the north, Otsego County residents should prepare for the coldest temperatures of the season leading up to New Years.

“We should expect a prolonged period of very cold and dry air,” says local weather expert David Mattice. “It’s an arctic blast behind the cold front that came through during Christmas.”

Following in the wake of winter storm Ethan, which dumped anywhere between 3-5 inches of snow across Otsego County on Christmas morning, this upcoming arctic blast will bring temperatures that will dip below zero according to meteorologists. The low temperatures are expected to last at least until the new year and the strong gusting winds that come with it will only make it feel colder.

“That’s the part that’s unusual about this, the prolonged period of cold,” said Mattice. “Usually these arctic blasts only last a few days, but we could see this extend to well over a week.”

To prepare for the cold weather, be sure to pack blankets in vehicles, wear a few extra layers, and limit prolonged exposure to the cold. Or just sit back by a nice warm fireplace and enjoy the winter season from the coziness of your own home.


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