Eagle Returning to Brookwood

Eagle Returning to Brookwood For several years now, visitors to the Brookwood Point Conservation Area have enjoyed watching the nesting pair of bald eagles that have settled in the area. Many people have admired the protected birds as they soar over Otsego Lake or watch for prey from a nearby tree. Early one morning in August, Otsego Land Trust staff discovered the female bald eagle splayed on the ground, but with no visible injuries. Sergeant Mike Stalter of the Otsego…


Oneonta Boys and Girls Club Marks New Chapter, New Leadership

Oneonta Boys and Girls Club Marks New Chapter, New Leadership By Ian Kenyon In November 1970, an 8-year-old Robert Escher dropped by the Oneonta Boys Club and became a member. Fifty-two years later he has stepped back through the door of the now Oneonta Boys and Girls Club—as the new Executive Director. Earlier this month, the Oneonta Boys and Girls Club announced Escher would lead the organization, now in its 75th year of operation. Growing up in Oneonta, the club…


MAHER: Miller Will Be Fierce Advocate for 121st

Letter from Brian Maher Miller Will Be Fierce Advocate for 121st As Supervisor of the Town of Montgomery I can say firsthand that I have been proud to call Brian Miller my New York State Assembly representative. While I know many of the folks reading this letter may be voting for Brian Miller for the first time, rest assured he will represent you well. He works hard, he listens and he has been a fierce advocate for issues that have…


RENCKENS: Is ‘Perfect Village’ Pricing Out Seniors?

Letter from Jim & Polly Renckens Is ‘Perfect Village’ Pricing Out Seniors? Now getting into our ninth decade of life, we find there are concerns that weren’t there in our eighth decade. The latest concern is downsizing. Even though we older folks want to stay in our present home forever, the reality is that the constant upkeep, inside and out, becomes very difficult. So now is the time, and many others feel this way too, to move forward to the…


Natural Burial Gaining Countywide Interest

Natural Burial Gaining Countywide Interest By Darla M. Youngs During my father’s last hospital stay, as he was being treated for lung cancer that had spread to the brain, an attending physician asked him, “What’s your life’s plan?” The doctor wanted to talk about brain surgery, and Dad was having none of it. “What’s my life’s plan?” he replied. “Pushing up daisies, that’s my life’s plan.” This was in the spring of 2006, and my father died shortly after. Since…


Invention by Cooperstown Resident Getting Interest from Military

Invention by Cooperstown Resident Getting Interest from Military By Caspar Ewig Ghosts, especially at this time of the year, are meant to scare one to death. But ghosts can also be used to save a soldier’s life. And it is upon that idea that Cooperstown’s James (or “Chip,” as he likes to be called) Northrup filed a patent seven years ago that underlies the function of a training system designed to enhance a soldier’s ability to zero in on a…


Editorial BOO!

Editorial BOO! In 1959 Louis C. Jones, a celebrated folklorist who was at the time director of the New York State Historical Association in Cooperstown, published “Things That Go Bump in the Night,” a compendium of stories about ghosts who roamed New York State and beyond. “It is a great privilege to live in a town which the dead have not deserted,” he writes. “Walk the streets of Cooperstown…on a moonlight night and [you will see] a village where the…

Political Candidates Speak Out: Backgrounds, Goals Explained – 21st district Representative

Political Candidates Speak Out: Backgrounds, Goals Explained Publisher’s Note: We sent out an e-mail asking the candidates for the major political races in November to share information about themselves, so our readers can get to know them a little better. We asked them:A. Please tell us about yourself.B. If you were elected to office, what are your top priorities and why?We will run these answers over the next few weeks, in hopes this will help in your decision-making process on…


Bound Volumes: 10-27-22

Bound Volumes October 27, 2022 182 YEARS AGOWhen the polls are open, vote yourself and then look out for the rest. Be at hand all day, and if there be a democrat missing start out after him. Possibly he may be backward with his seeding and unable to lose the time required to go to the place of voting. Send him along and work for him yourself. Do anything that is fair and honorable to get out the voters. Bear…

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