Bound Volumes: 10-27-22

Bound Volumes

October 27, 2022

When the polls are open, vote yourself and then look out for the rest. Be at hand all day, and if there be a democrat missing start out after him. Possibly he may be backward with his seeding and unable to lose the time required to go to the place of voting. Send him along and work for him yourself. Do anything that is fair and honorable to get out the voters. Bear it in mind that the Democrats never have lost the contest when they all turned out to the election. Don’t forget this! Some men station themselves at the ballot box, on the day of the election, to brow beat and overawe poor men, who may happen to be in debt to them. Democrats! Will you suffer this thing to be done? No, you must never tamely bend to the tyrant oppressor’s yoke! You must be permitted to vote as precisely as you wish. Stand at the polls until the ballot box is closed, and see that the infirm Democrats are not kept away from voting by the crowd. Men are employed in some places to block up the polls and keep the Democrats away. Watch well that the way is kept clear.

October 26, 1840

That Hotel – We are not without reasonable hopes that the project of a large first-class summer hotel at this place will ere long assume a tangible shape. There are at least three eligible sites for such a building — two directly on, and the third quite near the Lake. The proprietors of two of these sites — comprising eight or ten acres each, are willing to put them in a hotel company as stock, and probably they might consent to do something more. To put up a building calculated to accommodate say 350 guests, would cost about $50,000, of which sum at least $30,000 would be expended in this village for labor, material, and living. It probably would be leased for a term of years at an annual rent sufficient to yield a fair percentage on the cost. It would be filled with guests the first season.

October 27, 1865

Five men registered with the Cooperstown Area draft board had their numbers drawn in the lottery. They are: Clifford E. Harrington, Mt. Vision, 1st #158; Frank Joseph Kavic, Jr., Schuyler Lake, 2nd #192; Morgan James Bunn, New Lisbon, 19th #105; Joseph James Gomiller, RD 3 Cooperstown, 41st #188; Norman Stanley Walter, Garrattsville, 46th #120. Some 4,881 men between the ages of 21 and 35 have registered for the first peacetime draft in the nation’s history.

October 30, 1940

Clyde S. Becker of this village will retire after more than 52 years in the banking business, all of them spent with the National Commercial Bank and Trust Company of Albany and the predecessor of its Cooperstown office, the Second National Bank. He joined the firm in 1913 as a messenger and file clerk. After spending the winter in Florida Mr. Becker said he plans to devote more time to his longtime hobby of dealing in and repairing antique clocks.

October 27, 1965

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