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Chancellor John B. King Jr. Visits SUNY Oneonta
SUNY Chancellor John B. King Jr. (right) and SUNY Oneonta President Alberto Cardelle meet with student Julia Alvarenga, a member of the university’s iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) team inside the Physical Science Building. Photo provided

Chancellor John B. King Jr.
Visits SUNY Oneonta

ONEONTA—State University of New York Chancellor John B. King Jr. visited SUNY Oneonta on Thursday, February 16 to meet with students, faculty, staff, and community leaders and learn more about programs that support student success, research, economic growth, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

News from the Noteworthy: Nonprofit Breakfast the Template for Networking in 2023
News from the Noteworthy

Nonprofit Breakfast the
Template for Networking in 2023

Community Foundation of Otsego County Executive Director Jeff Katz welcomes representatives from more than 50 Otsego County nonprofits. (Photo by Larry Bennett)

On November 9, the Community Foundation of Otsego County, in collaboration with SUNY-Oneonta, brought 50 nonprofit organizations together in one room for its first “Nonprofit Breakfast” networking opportunity. The goal of the breakfast was to engage a diverse group in conversation about the future of Otsego County.

After an introduction from SUNY President Alberto Cardelle that highlighted the significance of our countywide charitable organizations—and an update from Danielle McMullen, chief of staff to the president, on microcredential programs at the college and how they can benefit nonprofits—CFOC Executive Director Jeff Katz explained to the enthusiastic audience what the goals were for the morning session.

News from the Noteworthy: Celebrate Fall in Many Ways
News from the Noteworthy

Celebrate Fall in Many Ways

The beauty of fall—as it ushers us from the heat and activity of summer to the chill and serenity of winter—is celebratory and full of hope. Fall does not meekly transition; it sings out with color as it triumphantly faces winter. With our magnificent landscape’s celebration on full display, I have recently thought about how much our community has to celebrate.

On Friday, October 14, Dr. Alberto J.F. Cardelle will be inaugurated as SUNY Oneonta’s ninth president. The theme of his inauguration is “Community Connections.” Our connections will define this community’s future—our ability to work together to address the very real challenges we face. I applaud Dr. Cardelle’s efforts to prove out this theme. With Springbrook, he has cultivated our partnership by showing his genuine commitment to learning about the people we support, our employees, and our organizational goals (even guest lecturing at our “Management Institute,” a six-week course offered to new and aspiring Springbrook managers). With this kind of commitment already provided, I find that Dr. Cardelle’s inauguration is definitely worth celebrating.

SUNY opens test site, County seeks answers to Milford test delays

SUNY opens test site, County seeks answers to Milford test delays

Public Health Director Heidi Bond told the January 5 Otsego County Board of Representatives her office is pushing New York State to speed up delivery of results from its Milford COVID testing facility as virus cases in the county go “through the roof.”

“Results come back within six or seven days and it should only take two,” she said in a virtual address to the Board. “We’re pushing the state to push the contractor to rectify that.”

“We’re trying to move to where the County Department of Health notifies people of their test results,” she said of the Milford logjam.

Pit Run draws thousands of spectators, runners

Runners begin the Pit Run at Main Street and Neahwa Place on Sunday, Oct. 3. (Kevin Limiti/

Pit Run draws
thousands of spectators, runners

By KEVIN LIMITI • Special to

ONEONTA — Rain had just started to drizzle in Neahwa Park, Sunday, Oct. 3, as the start of the annual Pit Run was set to begin.

But some of the runners said they were thankful for the rain as it cooled things down, making it easier for them.

There was a diverse group of runners who came from seven states other than New York, including California, Maine, New Hampshire and Virginia.

Brian Reis, 32, a Cooperstown native*, came in first place for the men’s 10K and called it a “dress rehearsal” for the Boston marathon, which he is set to run Monday, Oct. 11.

Fully vaccinated students at SUNY Oneonta at 88%

Fully vaccinated students
at SUNY Oneonta at 88%

By KEVIN LIMITI • Special to

ONEONTA ⁠— COVID numbers for SUNY Oneonta have steadily improved with more students getting the vaccine.

Danielle McMullen, chief of staff at SUNY Oneonta, reported to the Common Council on Tuesday, Sept. 21, that 94% of students had at least one dose of the vaccine while 88% are fully vaccinated.

McMullen said SUNY Oneonta was doing “really well, when compared to other SUNY schools,” and credited the “strong messaging campaign” with the rising numbers of vaccinated students.

“Students came back to campus really wanting that in-person, robust experience,” McMullen said. There was a “spike (in COVID cases) that we anticipated” McMullen said who spoke of the erroneous notion that the vaccine is a “silver bullet” but they took a look at “a lot of data points including students social activity” and were able to make determinations on how they could improve their response.

McMullen called it a “testament of our campus coming together” and “being honest with the local community.”

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