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MacMILLAN: Reserve Village Flagpole For The Stars & Stripes

Reserve Village Flagpole

For The Stars & Stripes

To the Editor:

I am opposed to flying the rainbow flag from the Cooperstown village flagpole during Pride Month this June.

Let me make myself clear, I have many friends who have their personal orientation and I fully support them in every sense of the word. As such, it is none of my business concerning their individual persuasion.

However, I believe that the American flag flown from the central village flagpole represents all of us citizens and should not promote a particular minority or cause.

I have been informed that presently “on the books” is a decision by the trustees to fly the rainbow flag on the village flagpole this coming June. The decision by the trustees to do so may be revisited once the new board is elected next week.

I know that Mary Margaret agrees with me concerning the above, so I urge you to vote for her to keep the U.S. flag alone on the village flagpole.

In a previous letter I explained my many reasons for my preference for her and I am voting for Mary Margaret. Remember, every vote counts, so vote in this coming election.


DUNCAN: Flag Already Symbolizes Hope, Freedom, Equality

Flag Already Symbolizes

Hope, Freedom, Equality

To the Editor:

I get tired of all these special interest groups whining for attention. Basically, the Pride flag is a symbol of whom you want to embrace and the freedom to do such and be loved and accepted.

The design of the flag is not very creative. That flag design is used to represent the Inca Empire, the indigenous in Peru and Bolivia. The design is used around the world for many different things. For me, rainbow belongs to everyone, it is about nature.

When you put up one flag for a special interest group then you must put a flag up for other groups. A heterosexual flag must go up. How about a flag for swingers? And don’t forget the people who don’t care. Let’s put up a flag for Arabs … let them feel accepted too.

A flag every foot down Main Street covering everything to show acceptance for all people and not just a specific group. Isn’t that a Christian thing to do?

All these different groups take the attention away from the real problem: the need for kindness, compassion and acceptance for all. Don’t get lost in special interest groups’ demands.

We are a ragtag group of people.

We are indigenous people who have lost almost everything and are struggling to regain a sense of purpose and belonging. We are slaves who have been dragged here kicking and screaming from our own homes who are now trying to build a new life.

We are neighbors across the borders who have come here to seek a better way of life to live a life without fear. We are refugees from around the world gathering here in what is supposed to be a land of opportunity, hope and quality of life.

America is the melting pot of all kinds of people from all places. It is time to focus on our common desire of quality of life for all the residents in America. We need to focus on the big picture, which is that we all deserve a decent quality of life and not have to live under the tyranny of corporations or power-hungry government people.

We are “Americans”: it’s time we all practice compassion, kindness and acceptance of our fellow man and women.. and whatever.

Flags are a symbol of countries. We only need one flag. It’s time to make it mean what it symbolizes; hope, freedom, and equality and justice for all.


Hartwick Forrest

‘Happy Christmas!’ Calendar Begins In This Week’s Papers

‘Happy Christmas!’ Calendar

Begins In This Week’s Papers

Lots of news, from former Oneonta Mayor Kim Muller’s prospective elevation to county Democratic chair to folk artist Lavern Kelley’s entry into the Library of Congress. But this edition also marks the beginning of this year’s “Happy Christmas” calendar – with 53 (count ’em, 53) holiday-related events listed in the next 10 days. Get in the spirit of the season, and here’s home. Hometown Oneonta and The Freeman’s Journal will be on newsstands this afternoon around the county.
A Better Normality Returns To Pioneer


A Better Normality

Returns To Pioneer

After $1.2 million worth of digging, water- and sewer-line replacement and roadway reconstruction, the final bucket-load of asphalt was put in place shortly after 2 p.m. today by a crew from G. DiVincentis & Son, the Binghamton contractor that has been rebuilding Cooperstown’s Pioneer Street since the day after Labor Day Weekend. From left are Ed Fox, South Otselic, Lenus Beaulieu, Harpursville, Joe LaClair, Port Crane,  and Dave Kotarski, Binghamton. In rear, Carmen DiLoreto, Binghamton, directs traffic. Dennis Bozzi, Binghamton, was driving the backhoe and Mike Manderville, Harpursville, was supervising. A new flagpole will be erected later this week at Pioneer and Main to replace the one taken down during the reconstruction.  The crew will be back in the spring for final paving of the street and  to install new sidewalks.   (Jim Kevlin/
Goodbye To All That!

Goodbye – For Now!

Cooperstown’s Eric Pierce must have been among the last people to see the flagpole standing at Main and Pioneer. He snapped this on the way to work shortly before 8 a.m. today.   Communication wires under the intersection required its removal as part of Pioneer Street reconstruction, but the Village Board may make a decision on a new, taller one Monday.  
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