MacMILLAN: Reserve Village Flagpole For The Stars & Stripes


Reserve Village Flagpole

For The Stars & Stripes

To the Editor:

I am opposed to flying the rainbow flag from the Cooperstown village flagpole during Pride Month this June.

Let me make myself clear, I have many friends who have their personal orientation and I fully support them in every sense of the word. As such, it is none of my business concerning their individual persuasion.

However, I believe that the American flag flown from the central village flagpole represents all of us citizens and should not promote a particular minority or cause.

I have been informed that presently “on the books” is a decision by the trustees to fly the rainbow flag on the village flagpole this coming June. The decision by the trustees to do so may be revisited once the new board is elected next week.

I know that Mary Margaret agrees with me concerning the above, so I urge you to vote for her to keep the U.S. flag alone on the village flagpole.

In a previous letter I explained my many reasons for my preference for her and I am voting for Mary Margaret. Remember, every vote counts, so vote in this coming election.


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