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News from the Noteworthy: Workforce Wellbeing Impacts Business Bottom Line

News from the Noteworthy Workforce Wellbeing Impacts Business Bottom Line The cost of doing business and staying in business is rising these days. It’s not just inflation, supply chain, COVID fallout and keeping the lights on. For most business owners and managers, that would be more than enough to contend with. We also know that it’s about the workforce and the overall wellbeing of the people we work with and work for. We are emerging from a dual pandemic (COVID…


Otsego County Chamber of Commerce completes 2022 Leadership Otsego Training

Otsego County Chamber of Commerce completes 2022 Leadership Otsego Training Every year the Otsego Chamber of Commerce welcomes in a group of people to their Leadership Otsego program. The curriculum explores current leadership topics such as motivating teams, understanding local challenges, managing conflict, building professional networks, building teams and enhancing leadership presence in our community.…


NOTO: Individualism Won’t Stop COVID

LETTER from MARIA NOTO Individualism Won’t Stop COVID Individualism in the United States through the lens of SARS-CoV-2 defines freedom as “freedom to not wear a mask,” as opposed to “freedom from getting sick.” Since I was a young girl whenever I felt remotely ill I was told to “suck it up,” get out of bed, go to school, socialize and learn. This attitude is rooted in the American belief that “sickness is a weakness;” sickness is an attitude. To…

Putting the Community Back Into the Newspaper

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