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LaDana Clark

Church-N-The Hood  Hosted At Red Door Church

Church-N-The Hood

Hosted At Red Door Church

With her voice booming out over the loudspeakers, Rev. LaDana Clark, aka LADYJAM, returned with her Church -N-The Hood this afternoon on the lawn of the Red Door Church bringing her own flavor of faith to the crowd gathered on the lawn of The Red Door Church in Oneonta this afternoon. Motorists  waved and shouted “We love you!” from their widows as they passed in their vehicles, with the Reverend waving and praising them in return. Parishioners came from as far as Binghamton and Norwich, as the service was live streamed. Church-N-The Hood will be holding services throughout the county on a monthly basis, returning to Oneonta on the first Sunday of every month. Next service will be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown on August 16th. (Ian Austin/
CLARK: Where Is God? In Otsego County


Where Is God?

In Otsego County

By Rev. LaDANA CLARK • Special to

Where is GOD?

The whole world goes down in a plague and comes up in a peaceful protest! Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I can’t make a man love me, only GOD can do that.”

Rev. LaDana Clark, Oneonta,
known as Lady Jam, is a self-described hip-hop pastor. She spoke at Oneonta
and Cooperstown “Rallies for Justice,”
and provided this excerpt. She was a speaker at the “Justice for George Floyd” rally in Cooperstown Saturday, June 7.

Where is GOD?

GOD is in the heart of every person who is rising up right now, on one accord, all over the country, and all over this world, for justice, love, peace and equality!

Where is GOD?

We are all a part of The Tapestry, The Fabric, The Essence of GOD!

We are One America! We are One Global World Community and we are now operating together to be the change we want to see!

Where is GOD?

To our young people, across America and the World! You are strong, bold, and peaceful, amazing and triumphant! You are also our next generation of hope!

GOD is equally proud of you and all of us right now!

Police Officers are quickly and strategically being held accountable!

“Community policing” is being put back on the table, funds from police budgets are being diverted to human needs budgets or in other words, diverted to the least of these!

Now, I don’t care if someone is a Democrat or a Republican as long as they are for all the people! A call for an enormous voter registration and mobilization is in effect! We must vote up and down the ballot, for local and national candidates!

The pulse of the people is focused on unity, peaceful protest, reflections on injustice and equality for all! Diverse people must keep speaking out! Responsible leaders must continue taking moral action!

This is how we get the people’s business done, at a standard that works in the best
interest of “All GOD’s Children!”

“Amen – Everybody!” Let’s keep moving America and the world community in “The Right Direction” and remain steadfast and unmoveable!

Let us do our best to stay on the right side of history!

Finally, remember social media and cell phone videos are more powerful than weapons of “mass destruction” and we should use these tools wisely and continue these exciting, electric days of much needed peace, love, action and unity!

Where is GOD? GOD is in you!

GOD is in me! GOD is in everyone who breathes!


Hundreds In Muller Plaza Join National Call For Justice


Hundreds In Muller Plaza

Join National Call For Justice

Perhaps as many as 500 people rallied peacefully in Oneonta’s Muller Plaza this afternoon to hear Rev. LaDana Clark, a former police officer, above, say, “Most of our police are trying to do the right thing, but it’s the bad apples have to be checked and removed! There can be no peace as long as an officer can place his knee on the neck of a black man and take his life in front of our eyes!”  As is happening nationwide, SUNY Oneonta student Sadie Starr Lincoln, Oneonta, inset left, organized this afternoon’s protest calling for justice and an end to racism following the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Other speakers included SUNY students Johnson Brown and Kimberly Miller; Rev. Craig Schwalenberg, pastor, Unitarian Universalist Society and  Shannon McHugh, a member of the city’s Community Relations & Human Rights Commission. Attendees were urged to vote, to speak out when they see incidents of racism and to join the NAACP, Oneonta chapter;  Rev. Cynthia Walton-Leavitt of the Red Door Church was on site with NAACP membership applications. The crowd filled Muller Plaza and spread across the street.  Since social distancing was difficult, organizers urged attendees to be tested for COVID-19 following the gathering. (Ian Austin/

Rally Wraps Up With March To Courthouse

Rally Wraps Up With

March To Courthouse

Rev. Elsie Rhodes, First Presbyterian Church of Cooperstown, and Rev. LaDana Clark, who is associated with the Presbyterian church, lead the local contingent of the national “Families Belong Together” march up Main Street in Cooperstown this morning. More that 200 people marched from Pioneer Park to the Otsego County Courthouse and back to condemn the Trump Administration’s “Zero Tolerance” policy. (Ian Austin/
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